GameStop President Tony Bartel Says Nintendo Wii U Sales 'Slower Than We Expected'

With core gamers focusing on Sony’s PlayStation 4 and the expected announced of a new Xbox from Microsoft, Nintendo Wii U hasn’t been receiving a lot of press. The console had a strong launch with sales paced ahead of the original Nintendo Wii, but while that console struck a chord with a mainstream audience, Wii U doesn’t seem to be following that same trajectory.

I caught up with GameStop President Tony Bartel, who recently discussed the upcoming PlayStation 4 launch, to get his thoughts on Wii U and the new Xbox console in this exclusive interview.

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jagiii2044d ago

I have a Wii U and like it.

Highlife2044d ago

I have a WiiU and it is dusty.

redDevil872044d ago

I don't have a WiiU.

I win.

Moncole2044d ago

Everyones consoles get dusty because you dont move them around when you play them, all they do is stay in one place. Only way that they are not dusty is if you dust them.

FarCryLover1822044d ago

You ruined the joke Moncole...

darthv722044d ago

but that does not mean I don't like it. it means that i have dust in my house.

I think we all have dust in our homes. As for the wii-u, I have one too. It is a nice system but it certainly needs more games to call its own.

i use it to mostly upscale wii games (which it does quite well). will sales pick up for it? remains to be seen but the correlation of games to sales are an important factor (if not THE most important factor).

It reminds me of the PS3 at launch. You can see potential and yet you get the ribbings from others who dont have one proclaiming how its a failure and has no games.

when the games come out for it, it will sell. That isnt an automatic thing though. the key is "appealing" games. Everyone likes things that appeal to them but when it comes to games, not every game is as appealing to some as they are to others.

PS3 got appealing games. wii-u will get appealing games. People who scoffed at the PS3 for the lack of games eventually got one when the games came out that appealed to them. People who scoff at the wii-u will likely do the same.

Unless of course, they just have some sort of animosity towards the company to never be willing to try one and see if they like it or not.

SilentNegotiator2044d ago

What did they expect? Wii U's initial lineup is mostly trying to pander to the hardcore, of which aren't interested in a minor leap to play games that they can already play on the larger, dedicated communities on the Ps3/360. Even when Nintendo starts dropping the occasional Mario/Link/Metroid/etc game or occasional Bayonetta, they'll still be left with their basic fanbase; the sort that cared about Gamecube.

Gamestop would do well to cut back on orders for a while.

Highlife2044d ago

The problem with the Wiiu is the stupid name. Should have been called the Wii2. I had friends over and showed them Nintedoland and they said how much is the tablet. They thought it was an addon to the system. Once I told them it was actually a whole new system they weren't intrested anymore. To many people who don't go to game sites think this think is an addon.

1upgamer992044d ago

You CLEARLY do not have one then.

Moncole2044d ago

I knew he was making a joke thats why I made one/

gpturbo812044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

mine is dusty because of the finish. also the fact that its stationary and never moves. gets more play than anything else ive had.
edit.. not very dusty. i get good air circulation.

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josephayal2044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

Def Next Gen Console

IcicleTrepan2044d ago

If they did a price drop of about 50 bucks I'd buy one.

gpturbo812044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

the price will be a non factor once the other two launch. if your worried about 50 just get a bundle

IcicleTrepan2043d ago

I'm not worried about the price, I can easily afford it. My concern is paying *that* price for *that* piece of hardware, and what do I get for my money? There has to be a good reason to spend all that money up front to play only a few games when I could easily take that same amount of money and buy many games for either my PC, 360, PS3, Ouya or Nexus 7.

For me, I just don't think the Wii does enough things to be worth the current price. It can't even play DVDs or BluRay discs. The fancy controller needs recharge after 3 hours. most of the exclusives they have currently are remakes of mario and zelda games from previous systems, and I'm not interested in buying ANY cross platform games for it when I already have a 360 and a PS3.

I'm sure that it's worth the price to some people, but anyone that already has other consoles I'm sure has to be thinking about the same question as me.. what does paying all of this get me?

TruthbeTold2040d ago

Saying that you don't want to pay *that price* for the hardware is fine, but let's not pretend as though Nintendo isn't taking a loss on every Wii U sold... The controller is expensive. It drives up the cost. If all you value is what graphics it's capable of, then it's probably just not for you. Nintendo went for a strong balance between good graphics, and out of the box 1:1 controller. Whether you're talking about motion controls, streaming to the screen, NDP in real time, etc.

I do hear you though that Nintendo, as well as Sony and MS have to give consumers compelling reasons as to why they should fork out large amounts of cash for new consoles at this particular time. All 3 will have their struggles because many people are just fine with the consoles they have, and there will be support for them for a good while to come. (original Wii notwithstanding).

1upgamer992044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

I love my Wii U, but I have a feeling that, all next gen is going to pop and fizzle compared to last gen. I don't mean fizzle out, just sell slowly, but eventually have good numbers. Oh sure the fanboys are going to grab their baby at launch, and love it and kiss it, and numbers will be great the first week or so, but the sales will slow sooner than later. There is just too much competition for your electronic dollars today. I do not mean to be negative, but it is a fact. My partners dad just picked up a new top of the line TV and it has tons of free apps, I downloaded quite a few, and one was a "Kart Racer" It was FUN, the graphics were GREAT it used a top of the line game engine which was proudly displayed while loading(I can not for the life of me remember which one) I was shocked in fact it looked better than most current gen games,and it was FREE online play as well which for sure tells me Live is dead. I for one will NOT pay for online play like I used to. My point is there is not as much as a rush to get the next console. Again the gamers are going to grab them right away, but the average person, not so much.

mcstorm2044d ago

That's well said and I have been saying this for a bit.

I expect the 360 and PS3 to carry on outselling the WiiU, PS4 and next Xbox when they come out for the 1st 12 to 18 months and then when the big name games are dropped from it people will more over to the new console as they will have some big games out for them. I see MS putting out Halo 5 after the 1st 12 months. Sony doing the same with GT and Nintendo giving us Mario Kart to get the sales up on all there consoles to give them the must have games.

I am also impressed with my WiiU I got BO2, Sonic Allstars, Tekken Tag 2, Nintendo Land, MarioU and ZombieU for mine and they are work and play very well on the console. BO2 impressed me a lot as I have not had a COD since MW2 but the WiiU controller works well with it and the pro works well to.

PopRocks3592044d ago

This is an old duplicate. How did this get passed?

Jadedz2044d ago

Anyways, I have a feeling that a lot of people expected the Wii U to sell at the same level of its predecessor (Wii).

PopRocks3592044d ago

Pretty much.

To be honest, I'm not surprised by its current numbers. It's much more expensive than its predecessor and the price was what helped the Wii last generation. It's a huge contrast given that Nintendo went from cheapest new platform to most costly.

wantonGamer2044d ago

I know the folks over at Nintendo sure did.

1upgamer992044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

UH, No see above what I wrote....I do not think ANY game console is going to FLY off the shelves after the first two to three weeks...gosh I guess I should save my post just to prove I am right.....Oh and patcher is almost always wrong.....

lilbroRx2043d ago

I've said this before. I seen duplicates of Wii hate news get passed many times, but I've had plenty of positive news stories failed by the mods because they were "similar" to another story from a completely different site.

The moderation on this site is not balanced at all.

jakmckratos2044d ago

Drop the price $50, announce some games that aren't 2D side scrollers or HD remakes and bring back more classic series besides Pikmin 3...and for gods sake show off a worthwhile new IP..then you have my permission to buy.

LOL_WUT2044d ago

Give it a price drop then i'll consider it. ;)

syphon322044d ago

This is by far the most accurate comment in regards to the wii u. Rehashes of old games won't cut it. They may not be able to drop the price just yet. But jeez, release some decent games already.

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