Great Moments in Game Design: Link

David Fleming writes: "As an artist designing a character is one of the most difficult but satisfying things to do. It’s quite a challenge to define who a person is purely by their visual appearance. However when it’s done well it can really make a character resonate with an audience. One of the best examples of this is in a character beloved by thousands of gamers, Link."

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RoboSpiff2915d ago

Link has come a long way.

AronDeppert2915d ago

As much as I love Zelda I didn't recognize one of the silhouettes.

greatcrusader442915d ago

That's because that's Link, Zelda's the princess :D
*Bad joke is bad*

AronDeppert2915d ago

Yeah, lol...I meant Zelda as a short form of the full game title "Legend of Zelda". :P

Moduserous2915d ago

I really liked the Wind Waker Link. So cute!