Xbox 360 Winning in Failure Rate Competition - '16% of 360 Consoles Experience Failure'

March 09, 2008 | by Rachel Cericola

You can say a lot of things about who is winning the game wars. However, when it comes to returns, one company claims that Microsoft's Xbox 360 is the real winner.

Warranty company SquareTrade says (via Yahoo!) that 16 percent of 360 consoles experience some type of failure within six to 10 months after the warranty purchase. Three out of five of those are due to overheating issues, or the Red Ring of Death-which gets its name from the appearance of a red light surrounding the power button.

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Kaz Hirai3928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

PIGS, has it finally got through to your chubby, meaty heads? Your console is an UGLY, WEAK, FLIMSY, PATHETIC, WORTHLESS BRICK!
The Sony Soldiers laugh at your INCOMPETENCE!


You bought an Xbox3928d ago

The only reason the KaKBoX is Winning in Failure Rate Competition is becaeuse no other console is even entered in this competition Ha Ha
The KaKBoX is the only console in this competition no wonder its the only one winning !!!

Xbots Suck

LaChance3928d ago

If you sony fanboys arnet getting desperate , the what is it then ?

If you havn't noticed RROD articles or not people still buy the 360 , and RROD articles or not we are still enjoying the best games on consoles this generation.

Its not because Im pro 360 or whatever : but what does it bring to you people to post the same articles 20 times a day ?

Do you feel better with your purchase ? Whats the thing ? I dont get it.

Even If I were a hardcore ps3 fanboy I would get tired about bashing on the same thing over and over again.I would at least come up with something original.

Anyways I guess thats all you got because you cant diss the software , so all you have is hardware.Too bad we play software and not hardware.

decapitator3928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

If anything, you should write to the person who wrote the article. I amazed at how much contributors are blamed when all they do is simply submit an article or news.

heyheyhey3928d ago

well you shuold ask yourself why you say pro-360 stuff, then that's probably why people post pro-PS3 and anti-360 stuff (unless they have shares in Sony or something)

hardcorehippiez3928d ago

you need hardware to play the software and this is where the xbox fails.i had 1 loved it, it rrod'd so im part of that statistic . all i know is to start with i was annoyed but most of the good games i can play on my pc anyway so i feel im not missing much by not replacing it. if they ever get he problem sorted i may get another but as time goes on i doubt i will because theres many quality games coming for my pc /ps3 that i want .

mirroredderorrim3927d ago

While your comment has valid points, it dose not detour from the fact that we too are susceptible to RROD, as Xbox 360 owners. I just hope it never happens. :P

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decapitator3928d ago

Man I just hope Microsoft have at least learned their lesson with building a hardware and not having time to properly evaluate it before rushing it into the market.

If they console had launched at a right time, am sure all the money they have spend fixing the RRODed 360 could have been used to secure more exclusive games.

CrazedFiend3928d ago

Well, as long as people keep buying broken boxes, they'll keep selling them.

But what about the next generation? If they still continue to make a killing off of broken boxes, then what incentive is there for ANY of the big 3 companies to ensure quality next gen hardware???

IMHO, don't buy broken boxes and don't trade broken boxes in for new broken boxes. Wait for them to get their act together first.

Lifendz3928d ago

people keep saying things like "mine's works fine and I have a launch system...You just can't play it that must be something you guys are doing" then it'll never get fixed. Put the blame where it belongs guys.

DarkSniper3928d ago

Microslaves are now taking personal offense to each and every article that is submitted on N4G. The reality is that the press has caught on to the garbage hardware known as XBOX 360. The premise of N4G is to inform gamers of any news in the gaming industry. Microsoft's blunders are considered lucrative news that the casual gamer needs to be informed about.

Dark Sniper sends his apologies. Apologies to Microsoft for entering the console business and being forced to exit after less than a decade.


sniddles3928d ago

I log onto N4G today, and pretty much every article involves the RROD in some form or another. Dug up from anywhere they can find it.

It's a slow day in game news, so lets post RROD articles...

Stop posting this SH1T!!. We all know already... We all know the xbox 360 breaks. It is well established fact.

Silellak3928d ago

What's bad is that this is actually a duplicate of a story that's almost a month old:

Everyone who approved this article should be ashamed of themselves for not doing a tiny bit of research.

CrazedFiend3928d ago

It's a well established fact, but people are buying it anyway. That's why we continue to see RRoD articles.

Until people stop buying and we FORCE them to correct the problem, it's not gonna stop. Why would it?

littletad3928d ago

Knowing quite a few people who had the DRE and even sending in my own console 3 times, I'm sure things would have been quite a little different. Either way the games spoke for themselves, the same thing the 360 is doing now. But bloggers/fanboys love their system, and will stop at nothing to downgrade a console or anything they see as a threat.

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