Microsoft acquire Pando, mention June console launch

It sounds like Microsoft are aiming for a June launch for their next gen console, according to a business magazine.

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majiebeast3053d ago

Pando is borderline spyware why you would want to buy it is beyond me unless they plan on doing the big brother thing.

jayblings3053d ago

I've never heard of the company before. Maybe the P2P ability would allow for user mods and collaborations.

-Alpha3053d ago

Mods would be killer.

I dont see why next gen consoles aren't doing it, though they seem to be more and more restricted on PC anyway

Gildarts3053d ago

That seems most likely. Why else would they acquire a P2P sharing company? They might as well have bought uTorrent.

GraveLord3053d ago ShowReplies(2)
Kalowest3053d ago

I believe you, the Sharingan can see through anything.

Irishguy953052d ago

It runs on feelings...not logic

zAlchemist3053d ago ShowReplies(4)