World of Warcraft, The Sinking Ship (Part 2)

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"In part one, I discussed the many mistakes from Blizzard's game, World of Warcraft. Your reactions were definitely colorful, and I will admit it is very easy to sit back and talk about what mistakes someone is making without giving any solutions or ideas for change. I decided from the start to make this a two part article because of the length, and it is also very difficult to write something positive while talking about the negative. Now, in part two, I will discuss the changes Blizzard needs to make to retain their player base through the release of some upcoming MMO's." (Ichabod13)

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cain1413969d ago

I never really got into this game, but it has had a huge impact on the industry

ps3 is my champion3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Thats soo a baddd thing. lol

Gaming has lost alot of its charm, and wow was stripped of all of it. Or maybe I just grew up some, who knows/

cain1413969d ago

I don't see a problem with gaming becoming more mainstream... At least in this instance...

ps3 is my champion3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

There is no problem with it going mainstream, but now days instead of almost every game being a gem, they seem one in a million. I have probably the highest standards ever imagined and will quite possibly never be happy with any game not created by myself in the past and forever. Since the market has matured alot of bullshit has come and standards are all over the place and in my opinion in alot of the wrong directions.

I mean who can tell me they enjoy any game out today the likes of which I enjoyed D2 in its "heyday".

I played WoW for 3 years had about 7 60+ chars and ended up with a deleted account and a kick to the curb for something completely out of my control. Ask me if you want to know.

This "expanded" market has brought with it the influence of a bunch of people I truly shun. Just look at most people on this very site. Flame me all you want.

Wheres my next addiction.

ps3 is my champion3968d ago

Someone show me the next truly original creative masterpiece before I drown in the sea of sequels.

Relin3969d ago

... but Blizzard is tripping if they think it's gonna last much longer. The pack has caught scent of the killing they're making in the MMO leagues and they'll be damned if Blizzard gets the whole thing.

Noodlecup3969d ago

"My suggestion to Blizzard is to remove the loss of experience in groups and replace it with a large bonus. Reward those players who quest and level together; do not punish them"

2 people questing = job done in half the time

THAT is the reward, this guy sounds like a scorned b!tch.

Odion3968d ago

wow i was wondering how you could top part 1 and you did it. Black Temple has been out for over a year, and the new instance is only suppose to be seen/done the best of the best, there are so many guilds in BT, and we have no idea when the x pac is coming out. There is no such thing as to much content.

Also Halaa was a non instanced town that you could take over, and try to keep for as long as possible, in the x pac its an entire non instance zone where you battle for control of it with seige weapons and destructible towns.

Jinxstar3968d ago

I think hes looking at games like Warhammer Age of Reckoning and Age of Conan. WoW's ideas of destructible environments will be nowhere in the same league. Age of conan where you can take pieces of Greenskin skulls and fashion yourself a helm of skill parts or a necklace of goblin teeth or a robe of drawf beard... WoW can't do this without giving people individuality and uniqueness. Thats not what they go for in WoW. Heck they wont even let you dye your clothes... Its very cookie cutter just like specs, PvP(By this I mean Paper rock scissors or Warrior beats rogue rogue beats lock lock beats warrior)No 2 ways to take an encounter, only one real option, Cookie cutter gear and everything. Thats the design of the game so individuality wont exist and it will lose flavor when people playing these other new games get the news to the community... WoW will fall, MMO gamers are migratory by nature. Maybe later rather then sooner but still soon enough.

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