Sony denies rumours of further PS3 delay for Europe

Reports are "categorically not true"

Sony has told GamesIndustry.biz that reports the PlayStation 3 could be delayed in Europe until May next year are "categorically not true."

The rumours emerged after Spanish gaming site Meristation claimed Ken Kutaragi had warned that there could be a shortage of PS3 stock in Japan and North America - leaving European consumers with an even longer wait.

But according to a Sony spokesperson, "Any reports of a further delay to the launch of the PS3 in Europe are categorically not true.

"We are still fully committed to a March 2007 launch date. Ken Kutaragi has not done any media briefings since the Tokyo Game Show, and the story is not true."

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TheXgamerLive6395d ago

I think they'd push back either the Japan or U.S. launch before they'd delay the European market "again". So, it's probably not true or else they could kiss Europe goodbye.

daboosa6395d ago

i was prepared to by a wii if i was delayed
and im a PS3 fan boy

uuuunvnv26395d ago

i thought they were fully committed to launch sometime this past spring as well???

TheMART6395d ago

Yeah and committed to launch 17 november 2006 WORLD WIDE

What's world wide. USA+Japan? Right.

daboosa6395d ago

hehe they really annoy me sometimes if there consoles so good y aint they playing it

Bebedora6395d ago

Ah, we like this what we hear, yessssss.

Hey, #3, dont go there. Just dont, please.

Boink6395d ago

another delay would kill them.

although who knows, maybe there is another laser diode shortage, which could mess it all up.

can anyone guaranteee that won't happen?

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Paying Extra For Early Access Cannot Be The Industry Norm

Charging for early access has started to become a regular practice in several AAA games, and the gaming community should not tolerate this.

CrimsonWing691h ago

Don’t uh… don’t pay for it then? 🤷‍♂️ It’s 3 days early, let people who can’t wait pony up to pay for early access. I’d hope people have more control over themselves if they don’t want to pay extra. I personally, do not see an issue with the option. If I’m hyped for a game and they give you early access, I’ll pay. If it’s something I can wait to play on “actual release” I won’t pay extra. It’s as simple as that.

Crows901h ago

Except your entirely mistaken if you think it's "early access"

Theyre just charging you extra to play it on release. So gullible.

Crows901h ago

It's not early access...it's playing on release...early access is when the game isn't finished and needs a little more time...you also get it months in advance.

Let's not get confused here..

VersusDMC51m ago

Microsoft has been doing premium edition early access for awhile(Forza and Starfield recently) ...so why is it an issue now when Ubisoft does it?

It can't be the gamepass excuse as Ubisoft has day one subscriptions as well.


It's A Crime That There's No Sleeping Dogs 2 Yet

Huzaifah from eXputer: "Sleeping Dogs from the early 2010s is one of the best open-world games out there but in dire need of a resurgence."

LG_Fox_Brazil22h ago

I agree, I consider the first one a cult classic already

isarai16h ago

You say "yet" as if it's even possible anymore. United Front Games is gone, along with anyone that made this game what it is

CrimsonWing693h ago

That’s what happens when games sell poorly. And I’ve seen people wonder why people cry when a game sells badly… this is your answer.

solideagle2h ago

Majority of the time it's true but if a company/publisher is big (in terms of money), they can take a hit or 2. e.g. I am not worried about Rebirth sales as Square will make Remake 3 anyway but if FF 17 doesn't sell then Square might need to look for alternative. <-- my humble opinion

Abnor_Mal1h ago

Doesn’t Microsoft own the IP now since they acquired Activision?

DaReapa18m ago

No. Square Enix owns the IP.

boing153m ago(Edited 53m ago)

Sleeping Dogs was a sleeper hit back then. It was fantastic. It actually still is. Would love a sequel to this, or at least a revive of True Crime series.


Exclusive Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary Event with Themed Stays

Toyohashi, Japan is set to host a large-scale Monster Hunter event to celebrate the franchise's 20th anniversary, complete with themed hotel accommodations.

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