WorthPlaying Review - SunAge

In a far distant future Earth is dying. Mankind retreats into sealed cities but a Cult spreads, delivering chaos. Our hero battles to protect his Federation and strike at the heart of the Cults creed. SunAge is a futuristic RTS where the player can experience 3 different races with each there arsenal of units, buildings and upgrades, taking place across 2 different worlds.

The reviewer Tom Baker's verdict:

"When I first started playing Sun Age, I felt a pang of nostalgia for the way games used to be, but it was quickly replaced by the feeling that this would have been a broken title even back then. Games have come a long way since WarCraft, and even though it may be tempting to take a stroll down memory lane, you'd likely be run over by this title. There is no sense in trying to recapture the experiences of previous games in a title that doesn't do quite it as well. Pick up StarCraft, WarCraft or Total Annihilation from the bargain bin at any game store - all of them are better than this title. It has its charm, but as a game that has been in development since the PS1 first came out, Sun Age is more old-fashioned than retro, and it just can't compete with recent RTS offerings."

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