Alien Arena 2008 v7.0 Free Full Game

COR Entertainment LLC has announced the release of Alien Arena 2008 which features nearly all new game media, gameplay improvements, and a client that has been significantly upgraded for improved visual effects as well as major optimizations that greatly improve the fluidity and performance. Alien Arena 2008 also offers a change to it's overall theme, moving towards a slightly darker, more serious tone, while still retaining a good bit of it's retro style, creating an interesting marriage between classic and modern sci-fi. This resulted in completely new player models, many new weapon models and textures, and seventeen new levels. There are major improvements in weapon effects, per-pixel lighting, texture resolution, and resource usage, as well as the addition of a cross platform server browser, FUSE. Weapons have been tweaked for better balance, and movement has been enhanced with the addition of dodging abilities. has the official press release and free full games for Windows and Linux.

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