Surfer Girl: Fable 2 on PC & More

"1) Fable 2 will see a release on computing machines this decade.
2) N-Space is going back to its roots with a PS(t?)Wii60 license music game aimed at the tween demo. They have also apparently finished development on their version of The Force Unleashed and are in the midst of development of a new dual screen title. No word on whether they are still Nintendo's Floridian inamorata."

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beast3928d ago

How many times has she been proven wrong. A blog is more reliable that this. No offense to the Contributor.

MK_Red3928d ago

None taken but SG's blog actually still has crediblity and sites like GameSpot and others have posted few rumors based on it. It also has proved to be right a lot of times (Though some were captain obvious).

Charlie26883928d ago

Sadly people believe she has credibility and she is real even with little to no proof what so ever and most people make up their own credibility tests for her just look at some of the people her on N4G that believe her most of them want to and yet most of their "proof" is actually in their heads as how some of them in various articles came and claimed this was predicted by her or gave examples of things she was "right" on only to find out by other users that most of the things were already predicted or confirmed long before this girl even mentioned it even worse that this users that wanted to believe had actually the rumor and her insiders info wrong and were pretty much convinced she was right about some info she hadn't actually predicted in the first place giving her credibility for something she didn't do

same goes for the sites that say she is "always" right but no proof of it and make more people belive she is right without proof or confirmations

Nevers3927d ago

The first two anonymous posters were crude but completely justified. I haven't read anything useful or ground breaking ever on Surfer G's blog. Seems like it's always falling into one of two categories...


...but most seem to fall under the "DON'T CARE" category..

heyheyhey3928d ago

we all knew Fable would probably come to PC eventually

question is- when? soon i hope- it looks cool, but i don't want a 360

M337ING3928d ago

Fable 1 did...

Surfer sure has a knack for stating the obvious

Highwayman3928d ago

How so? Just because Fable: TLC did? How would this work? The controls for Fable 2 are context sensitive. The combat controls are. How would this work on a keyboard? There would be a catch to this, as in you would need an 360 controller to play. Fable 2 has been built from the ground up for the 360. Everything has and while one could just port all of that, the thing that stops them is the combat system. Without the context sensitive controls there combat system doesn't exist. So in the end it would they as in Lionhead would have to either change the combat system for PC users....or tell everyone who owns a PC that they have to buy a 360 controller to use with the game.

Although I'm not going to say they never will, but I will point out that the odds for a PC version are as of now stacked against anyone who is waiting for that version.

Gorgon3928d ago

Hyghway man:

Fable 2 WILL come to the PC, controls or no controls. Assassins Creed is probably more complicated to put to work control-wise on the PC and is obviously coming.

Just wait a few more months after the 360 version and it will be always.

cellypower3928d ago

I guess I don't have to get a 360 for fable 2.I might still get one though.

rushbd3928d ago

I guess PS3 is really the place for real exclusives.

I'm just glad I wont have to risk my money to play the great game. I think Fable 2 will be awesome.

kingnick3928d ago

"I'm just glad I wont have to risk my money to play the great game" I translate as "I'll just pirate this game on PC thereby not having to pay a cent for it".

It's sad what PC gaming has become with many people solely pirating PC games or owning another system (often a PS3) and pirating all their PC games because they can.

Then the same people turn around and make stupid statements like "if there was anything worth buying I'd buy it" but fail to comprehend that if developers don't make a return on their current games their future games will be underfunded or cancelled altogether.

As much as I hate online systems such as Steam because of the extra inconvenience over disc based games I’m looking forward to the day almost all PC and console games are exclusively released via digital distribution, that way all the so called gamers will have to pay for their games and PC developers will obtain the recognition they rightfully deserve.

rushbd3927d ago

By risking money I meant buying a xbox 360.

I live in Bangladesh. Microsoft doesnt have their warranty here in Bangladesh. So if i buy a 360 and have it blown, I'll be caught with my pants down. Therefore 360 is a risk of money for everyone in Bangladesh as it has like 19% failure rate.And that's too much. The only reason people buy 360 in Bangladesh is because it has modchip and pirated games. But I didnt do that. I have my PS3 and I buy original games for it.

no true gamer likes pirating. and i hate it more as i want to become a games developer myself. I hope this clears this up.

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