Survey: 50% of Japanese not into online games

An online questionnaire polled 15,000 members of the Japanese internet community MyVoice about their feelings towards online games. The sample was 54 percent female, 2 percent teen, 16 percent twenty-something, 37 percent thirty-something, 28 percent forty-something and 17 percent fifty-something. An amazing half of them say they are not really into online games.

The full story contains details of the survey, translated into English.



60 percent of the respondents said they were not very interested or not interested in online gaming.

73 percent were not very interested in, not interested in, or just didn't care about online gaming.

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ktchong3966d ago

since online gaming is really where their strength lies.

Harry1903966d ago

who are into this kind of stuff are crazy.
take a look at their high scores.


Bah... This isn't even gaming guided... Go on some random forums and ask about how many people plays games online. 50% said they don't, but in those could there been people that don't game at all, people that don't game online, people that don't give a crap about games and are mad at this kind of survey on their space...

Really, if you want a real number, go to a gaming area to ask... Even if I agree that probably many gamers on Japan don't go online, simple because of Wii not-so-online experience and because some of those guys are traditionalists on videogames.

SaiyanFury3966d ago

Online gaming isn't a big deal, at least not for me. I'm not even Japanese, and i don't care about it. I tried playing online with several games just to test it out and it left a sour taste in my mouth. I prefer the offline, single player experience.

Genesis53966d ago

Absolutely! I,m with you I,ve tried it a couple of times myself.I really don,t see what's so appealing about that.No story run around and shoot. Oh boy, what fun.

RecSpec3966d ago

There's just something satisfying about knowing that the person that just walked into your claymore was an actual person, and not just AI.

masterdebator3965d ago

It feels good to outsmart and kicked the sh1t out of a real person than a bot that is programmed to be predictable and easier to kill.

Mr Playboy3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

that why they prefer wii over PS3 and the 360

crazy Japaneesee (<_<)

ruibing3966d ago

So by your logic, Americans must really like relying on warranties then.

crazy Americans (^_^)b

Electronic Arts3966d ago

Im not American nor japanese

crazy nerbs (-.-)

Ikanago3966d ago

As someone who loves single player experiences (I play online stuff too - but very little). Here's hoping that Japanese studios at least will continue to churn out the single player action / adventure games that I love to play!

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The story is too old to be commented.