Gamervision: Patapon Review

Gamervision may be the minority on this, but they were disappointed with Patapon. Leading up to the release Gamervision became steadily more excited, but the faults of the title are simply too many and the gameplay is simply not as fun as it seems at first. While it may seem like they are being overly negative about the game it is just because of how high their expectations were.

The cheery music and shiny graphics may be enough to hypnotize you into having a good time and that isn't really a bad thing. At a price of $20 it is hard for me not to recommend you purchase the title if you own a PSP, just don't expect perfection.

Verdict: Buy it

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TheExecutive3965d ago

"There isn’t even the choice as to when to do any of the songs, because if you don’t do them to the beat you will lose your bonuses and become weaker."

Its a rhythm/action/strategy game... what did this guy expect?

scheme_a3964d ago

Sometimes it is a wise decision to lose the beat and give them the next command immediately by interfering with patapons' chant, because waiting for the next turn could result in patapons taking direct hit.

You always have choices especially in boss battles (fighting Zigotons is more about choosing the right troops, I think)

You either keep attacking with fever expecting to cause knock back, or take a safe route and escape (or defend.)
And the decision making is also influenced by how good you can keep the beat, because even if you lose the fever you can quickly get back up by nailing the beat perfectly for the first 3 (or 4?) turns.

If he thinks all he needs to do is to keep the fever as long as possible, he is dead wrong, and he is missing great portion of the game especially on real time strategy part.