Lone Wolf DS: Flight From The Dark - Homebrew, Screens, Video

Michoko's first homebrew project on the DS is adapted from "Lone Wolf DS: Flight From The Dark", the first of a famous gamebook series called "Lone Wolf" written by Joe Dever.

"Gamebooks" allow the reader to take control of the story through branching narrative options, character customization (e.g. skills, disciplines), and other RPG elements. Think of it as a RPG version of Choose Your Own Adventure.

This complete and very polished version is based on the original US edition and allows reader to play the full first book without bothering with tedious elements like combats handling, random rolls, and inventory management -- they are automated and integrated into the gameplay.

You can download the ROM and find further info on the official site via the source link below.

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mariusmal3967d ago

just got this. so freaking sweet