Red Ring of Failure

According to Yahoo! a warranty company claims the Xbox 360 has a failure rate five times higher than other gaming consoles.

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poos33971d ago

fanboys inc watch them flock below

Rockstar3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

Coming from someone with the user name poos3.

On Topic:
I own the original Xbox, Gamecube, PS2, PS3, Wii but no 360.
Why? It's not because I'm a fanboy (Sure I favor Sony, but everyone has a favorite)

It's 100 percent because of console reliability.
I don't hate Microsoft, I don't hate the games (in fact I love the PC ports of a few of them), I don't hate Xbox Live, I hate the Hardware. I hear/read stories not only of the dreaded RROD but also faulty DVD drives and faulty HDD's (friend of mine often had to reformat his HDD in his 360 due to corruption, that and 1 run in with the RROD)
That's pretty much the entire console.

I don't want to have to rely on a warranty, I want reliability out of the box
I want to love the 360 but Microsoft is making it very hard for me.

Mr Playboy3971d ago

Best console in this generation

from the beach3971d ago

Well, when I buy a new console I don't do so to shoot sticky wads over how reliable it is, in other words, I don't buy it to value the hardware. I've had numerous consoles crap out over the years including a Dreamcast and a SNES, and although my 360 remains intact thus far I'm quite happy to have it fixed or replaced if (when, lol) it breaks. The reason I have one at all is to play good games on it, not to sit and admire the workmanship that's gone into it.

Worst reliabilty rate doesn't = worst gaming console, but that doesn't seem to be what the article is claiming anyway

killax35633971d ago

Microsoft needs to be embarrassed.

Keep the RROD articles coming, I never get tired of them. Do it until MS recalls the Xbox 360. That will probably never happens so just keep on submitting these articles.

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MaximusPrime3971d ago

its true. Xbox 360 is the worst gaming console ever in term of reliability. A month ago i went in-store to play xbox 360 demo but couldnt. Why? it failed. Its red lights were flashing.

Microsoft rushes into releasing xbox 360 too early.

I wasnt surprised after reading that article. it is pretty old and ongoing news.

Infolite89073971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

...happen to me me and my cousin was going into gamestop i think and I wanted to play the 360(since I don't have one) and I couldn't because of the RROD. I didn't know it was flashing 'til my cousin said: "Look!" Then he laughed!!!!

3971d ago
hotshot1273971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

how many of those 360 sold actually "WORK" if 18million are sold then i would guess that about 15 million actually work right now. and i wont even get into all those upgrades that people do with the 360. \

and people like to bring up sony's disk reading errors back in the ps2 days. the 360's disk reading errors are just as bad, the only difference is it gets overshadowed by the rrod stories. and this is not a flamebait comment, but the truth.

Infolite89073971d ago

I was about to buy me a 360 until I remind myself about the RROD. I don't want to buy me a system that I know would break down anytime!

vloeistof3971d ago

well oke thats not so good then.

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