'Dark Sector' Achievements and Entitlements Revealed

Achievements (X360) / Entitlements (PS3)

Level Completion - 300 PTS

Name: Prologue - Completed Chapter 1 (Score: 10)
Name: Exposure - Completed Chapter 2 (Score: 10)
Name: Baggage Claim - Completed Chapter 3 (Score: 10)
Name: Moths To The Flame - Completed Chapter 4 (Score: 10)
Name: The Shipment - Completed Chapter 5 (Score: 10)
Name: The Bait - Completed Chapter 6 (Score: 10)
Name: Industrial Evolution - Completed Chapter 7 (Score: 10)
Name: Unnatural History - Completed Chapter 8 (Score: 10)
Name: Threshold Guardian - Completed Chapter 9 (Score: 10)
Name: The Dark Sector - Completed the game (Score: 100)
Name: Dark Sector - Brutal Difficulty - Completed the Game on Brutal Difficulty (Score: 110)

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ScottEFresh3965d ago

I didn't hear much about this game up until about a month ago. Now, it's starting to look like a purchase to me. Game looks great and sounds fun.

gabeh10183965d ago

im not too sure about this one just yet, might have to give it a rental first. so many good games coming this year

rootEXT3965d ago

I'm getting this game for my X360 when it comes out!!

Mr Playboy3965d ago

Looking forward for the best version

killinet2473965d ago

what makes you think 360 will be the better version...seeing as how both have the same exact achievements

Chaos Striker3965d ago

It says it was ALMOST canned, but it was STILL completed and running on PAR with the I'm not entirely sure how that article is proof of anything your trying to assert.

Oh, and by the way at the end of the article it says, "Update: D3’s PR got in touch with me this afternoon and explained to me that Dark Sector was never officially “almost canned” for the PS3. My apologies to Josh if anything he said was taken out of context."

LJWooly3965d ago

"Good for you"

Wow, good argument, dumbarse.

masterg3965d ago

@Mr Playboy

Trying to prove a point by linking an article that states that what you're saying is not true does seem a little funny doesn't it :)

killinet2473965d ago

@ Mr.Playboy yeah I did read that article and from what I understood they are both the same and neither one is better than the other. Good job on providing us with a link that says the complete opposite of what you're saying. Fanboys these days haha wow.

Mr Playboy3965d ago

I will bookmark this page especially for you guys

Let us see what will happen in 03/25/08

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m91058263965d ago

I see an aftertouch entitlement under combat. I really hope you can control the blade like the arrows in Heavenly Sword with the Sixaxis...

KyonoRocks3965d ago

I wasn't really optimistic about this game a month or so ago but it looks like it's really going to be something special methinks, maybe as good as Gears. I really hope it is