Call of Duty “has almost ruined a generation of shooter players,” says Tripwire Interactive

PC Gamer: Earlier this month I visited Killing Floor and Red Orchestra 2 creator Tripwire Interactive to play Rising Storm, the upcoming standalone expansion to RO2 (look for a preview on Monday). After the demo, Tripwire President John Gibson and I got talking about the state of first-person shooters, and Gibson laid out a detailed criticism about the way Call of Duty “takes individual skill out of the equation.”

ritsuka6664151d ago (Edited 4151d ago )

It's not that a specific game can ruin an entire genre, it's just that lazy devs feel that they can cash in on a fad by copying what they think is popular, instead of taking the time to create something interesting and original. You really shouldn't blame COD for this.

Blastoise4151d ago

Yeah I completely agree. Don't blame CoD, blame the developers abandoning their fanbase to try and cash in on CoD's success.

StrawberryDiesel4204151d ago

Exactly, look at Bioshock, released around COD4 and sold very well, it didn't need to be anything but Bioshock and the game performed great critically and commercially, same as Left4Dead, came out in 2009 right around W@W when COD was already popular and did very well. Problem is Publishers who front the money to make the game, they're primarily to blame. They push the devs to make the games a specific way rather than give them the freedom to create what they envisioned.

knowyourstuff4150d ago

The problem is, when you play one single game for so long and you get consumed by it, you can't handle change. People are creatures of habit, they don't like change, so when a game becomes habitual, you can't handle something different.
CoD players are particularly fickle, they can't stand when something is different than CoD. If you're going to make something different, you need to make sure it works though, and that it's fun. The changes need to make sense, and need to be play-tested by gamers to ensure that you haven't made something new for the sake of making something new, because new isn't always better. Bioshock was better... Syndicate not so much.

DaReapa4151d ago (Edited 4151d ago )

While I agree completely with what you're saying, I think the studio president is speaking more about how laxed FPS gamers have gotten when it comes to pure skills due to perks and other killstreak rewards found in twitch shooters like COD. He's not talking about how every other developer's trying to copy the COD formula.

kevnb4151d ago (Edited 4151d ago )

Lazy devs my ass. The publishers tell them what to make and then they make it. And guess what, its selling. As a programmer I'm insulted. They aren't lazy, they are creatively shackled because the consumers keep buying the same garbage. So really ww should blame the consumers for voting carelessly with their wallets. And at the end of the day, some games that were forced to include features call of duty made a staple had people working harder than you will ever work in your life.

Blastoise4151d ago

I agree with what you say about the publishers. It's a shame publishers like EA have a lot of influence on games.
Take Medal of honor for example, maybe at some point that was a game that could have been good, a game that could have had it's own identity instead of being a strange Battlefield and Call of duty hybrid. There are times in games where a massive EA symbol may as well appear because their influence is just so obvious.
Pretty sure nobody asked for more action in Dead space 3 either.

Bathyj4151d ago

I agree.

Sure, some, smaller devs will make a new game on their own, and then shop around for a publisher to sell it, but most games, especially big budget games, are simply publishers telling devs what they want, and they do the actual work.

You dont go to a restaurant and tell the Chef I want this and then he says, no I think I'll make you something I think is better. Youre going to say, well that looks nice, but its not what I ordered.

And gamers can complain all they want, but they keep buying them. The only way to vote it with your wallet. If they dont sell, they will stop making them.

And I'm just as guilty as everyone else. I personally havent loved a Call of Duty since part 2, but I bought them all. (I only bought BLOPS 2 for my brothers birthday after not even finishing MW3).

What I dont get is why do publishers keep trying to emulate CoD's success when no one has been able to do it sales wise? Why not carve out their own market by offering something different? They should be blazing a trail, not just walking it.

But I guess this big budget, hit seeking industry has stifled that creativity a lot this gen, so while I cant completely blame Activision for all of this I dont think CoD has been a positive influence on the game industry, but we need to shoulder a bit of that blame ourselves.

solid_warlord4151d ago (Edited 4151d ago )

Activision isn't putting a gun to anyones head to force them into buying CoD. Its gamers who choose to buy them.

Devs shouldn't be complaining and blaming CoD, they should be the ones who innovate and tell the world why there prodoct are good enough...sadly we don't see that much of an innovation in video games.

Lack of descent games has resorted to people going back to CoD every year even though they hate on it.

kevnb4151d ago

Who is going to publish it? Developers can't just make anything and expect to have a publisher buy it. Publishers want something that people will buy, not something they might buy. This is why the small independent devs are so important, and the creativity is all mostly on PC/mobile where cost isn't as much an issue. I can make a game myself and have it on pc/mobile easily. On consoles its a bunch of hoops and fees.

solid_warlord4151d ago (Edited 4151d ago )

@kevnb who cares about PC. People choose to buy CoD. Its not being forced upon. I can't see why people even pay to play those crappy mobile games in consoles. I buy a console to play great shooters like Uncharted, MGS, Gears of war, GTA and football games. Not braid, Angry bird or some 25p worth of game that wont sell much on a console. Don't like the way consoles are, please return to PC cause they offer all these independence flash like games ect. Console gamers prefer a joypad and shooters. Not saying its exclusively for Shooters but predominantly.

ATi_Elite4151d ago

Yeh we laugh and make jokes about COD but I'm glad to have it.

COD keeps 20 million plus NOOBS off the Battlefield, Planetside 2, and Arma 2,3 Servers.

I don't want the agony of having to play with a bunch of Racist, auto aim using, camping, non objective playing, N0ob, idiots who all act like a bunch of spoiled 9 years olds.

COD keeps everyone HAPPY!

Drainage4151d ago

not lazy devs. publishers who see the big numbers on COD

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NYC_Gamer4151d ago

I blame lazy developers who use the copy and paste tactic to mimic Call of Duty success instead of being original

Unicron4151d ago

The tough part is balancing "copying" a feature with implementing what has become an "expected" feature. I mean, so many people won't even touch FPS games now without some manner of unlock/progression incentive, or some manner of streak/perk system. Kinda sucks, I'm a fan of the old school "find your weapon on the damn map" style gameplay.

bluetoto4150d ago

I'm an old school gamer as well and I hated "find your weapon on the damn map" as it always came down to who got to the best weapon first.
Usually just one at that so everyone else got stuck with the "B" weapons. That and everyone ignores the obj because they are waiting for the power weapons to spawn.

Not sure what skills it shows when you have a better weapon than everyone else.

Loadouts evens the playing field. All weapons are not equal and starting with a gun you hate(ak47 or the other weak one in uc2) is not fun. One of the reasons why I hate uc2 mp and love uc3's mp.

Root4151d ago

Or the ones who add it to their multiplayer when it dosen't suit it

Cough Cough Uncharted 3

Compared to Uncharted 2 and how simple it was Uncharted 3 is just not the same. Kickbacks, weapon mods, HAT mods, paid boosters, upgradable boosters, loadouts....all trying to be like COD.

They have classic mode I know but it's still not the same. The AK is off compared to the one in Uncharted 2 and the fact people still can use paid boosters.

Number-Nine4151d ago

screw call of duty and the devs that feel the need to copy it.

CanadianTurtle4151d ago

I resent that. I say the shooter fans themselves have ruined the genre because they are the ones gladly giving Activision their whole wallet regardless of whether its made on the same old engine.