GP2X handheld to sell 50,000 by Christmas in UK alone

The UK distributor of the GP2X, the Linux-based handheld games and multimedia console, claims its machine has sold 30,000 units in less than nine months. That puts it ahead of its cult hit predecessor the GP32, not to mention the last newcomer to the handheld scene, the doomed Gizmondo console.

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specialguest6342d ago

i read that this is the ultimate handheld to get for playing emulator games, better than the PSP in that department. yet it's so underated and unknown by the majority though.

PhantomMD6342d ago

Wow.. I can amagine there will be some crazy homebrew on this thing.


Russia Appears To Be Using Its Army of Trolls To Peddle Its Version of Esports

The infamous Russian army of trolls appears to be involved in a massive spamming operation to promote the embattled country's version of Esports via a massive gaming tournament backed at the highest levels of the government.

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Neonhive Games has just launched its new publishing arm for games

"Neonhive Games are today very happy and proud to announce the launch of their new publishing arm for games.

Led by Director Korina Abbott, the new venture from the award-winning agency - known for their work on Warhammer Skulls The Room: Tenth Anniversary, and Tangle Tower - will utilise their renowned marketing power to help developers publish incredible titles." - Neonhive Games.


Documentary TerrorBytes Delves into the Annals of Gaming Horror

TerrorBytes: The Evolution of Horror Gaming is an exciting new documentary series from the creators of First Person Shooter.

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