Xbox 360 Intercoolers - Yay nor Nay?

Skyler Dowling writes, "Every video gamer who owns a next-gen console lives with the constant worry in the back of their mind that their marvelous console is going to "explode" unexpectedly. Weather it be a Playstation 3, Xbox 360, or even a Wii, the most likely cause of a console's death is usually overheating. Such is generally the cause of Playstation 3 malfunctions and Xbox 360's infamous red rings of death.

If there is one thing marketing strategists know about sales, it is that fear is an excelent purchase motivator. In response to gamers' fears about their systems overheating intercoolers have been developed to provide additional airflow and thereby a supposed increase in cooling capacity. Perhaps the most popular of these intercoolers is the Nyko Xbox 360 intercooler, which is essentially an attachable fan for the back of the console. The great debate out there is weather or not such an intercooler is effective, necessary, or even safe."

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Reanimator3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

I purchased the Intercooler, thin**** it would increase the cooling of my 1st 360. It crashed and overheated in about a month. Sent my 360 back to MS, and got a replacement unit back.
Everything was fine, then I started to look at that Intercooler unit sitting in the bottom of my games storage unit. Hmmmmm, maybe I should hook this back up. I kept reading about so many people having 360 heat failures, maybe it was just my turn. So like a dummy I hooked it up to my just received, 2nd 360. Less than a month later, my 360 goes down. Sent it in to MS, got another one back.
I WILL NEVER ATTACH THAT INTERCOOLER AGAIN!!!!!! Have had no problems since.

longduckdong3966d ago

where the electrical cord plugs into the 360 melted itself inside

360 gets HOT!!!!!!!!!!

Mikey_Gee3966d ago

I also had one Kill my 360.

As for the articles suggestion to have the console vertical, I do not agree. I ALWAYS keep my consoles (360 & PS3) horizontal with ample room on the sides, front and back of both with ZERO problems.

FunkyBunch3966d ago

It shouldn't matter which way the system is mounted. There is no air flow on the bottom of the units, so it shouldn't matter at all how you mount it. Just don't mount them vertically with the fans on the bottom...

green3966d ago

have had my 360 in the vertical position since 05 decembewr and not once in the vertical position, and till this day no RROD.

Boldy3966d ago

I was thinking about getting one myself, but I've heard nothing but bad reports from them.

Death3966d ago

How is this considered news, let alone approved?


Boldy3966d ago

Yes because you sure know what news is "Trainee." I submitted this because it's informative, because some people are not sure if these actually work.

hitthegspot3966d ago

I have yet to see Consumer Reports do any testing on the intercooler, and I want to know if there is any way out there to prevent my Xbox from going down. This is great news. So now I know, preventive maintenance is best option to prevent RROD.

Death3965d ago

A clock or a calander are informative. A link discussion inter coolers that have been out since the 360 launched, not so much. There is nothing new or informative from the article that you have linked. As for your attempt to discredit my questioning it by calling me a "trainee", what are we like 5 now? Please...


Snukadaman3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

I think one of these attributed to my rrod...I was also haveing disc read errors with the inter
cooler on and now I have not had any problems...I would suggest you make alot of room so air can circulate.

nice to see the SDF hard at work with their disagree buttons...they should put more work into spreading womens legs then spreading their propaganda.

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