PlayStation Plus Free Games Next Week – 1 PS3 & 1 PS Vita Title Added

In our ongoing efforts to make sure you get the most out of your PlayStation Plus subscription, we’re here to remind you that, as pointed out in our PlayStation Store Update for North America yesterday, both Dungeon Defenders and Foosball 2012 are leaving the Instant Game Collection on Tuesday, March 19th.

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dbjj120882533d ago

Dungeon Defenders is so much fun, but my characters are all on PC!

TrendyGamers2533d ago

I'd rather have Disgaea first.

LOGICWINS2533d ago

Never played a Disgaea game. Excited to try it out!

TrendyGamers2533d ago

Get ready for a 50+ hour game.

Robotronfiend2533d ago

50+ hour game + 100 more hours when you get addicted and become obsessed with post-game content and farming that Rank 40 legendary item that you have to steal off a boss on the 100th floor of a dungeon that is inside of a rank 39 item. ::whew::

Also, get ready for awesome comedy and the best item flavor text in any RPG.

Hanso2532d ago

Disgaea is my fav SRPG Series!!
If you have any questions PM me because its a very deep game have fun!!

Wedge192533d ago

Bah, good riddance Foosball! Let's get something good!

TrendyGamers2533d ago

Yeah, Foosball wasn't the best way to show off how great PS+ is.

Tru_Blu2532d ago

Don't know if it's better with move but that game sucked trying to play with a controller.

Toon_Link2533d ago

I'm excited to get to play The Cave and hope disgaea is the freebie for the Vita, I'm sure tekken is fun but I already have a few fighters (UMvC Blazblue) and wouldn't mind some more variety for gaming on the go.

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The story is too old to be commented.