Xbox 360 price cut according to Intertoys and Bart Smit

Two Dutch toychains show new prices for the Xbox 360 in their advertising. The Xbox 360 Arcade will drop from €279,99 to €199,99. The Premium Xbox 360 will cost €299 instead of €399 and the Elite will drop to €399. The Intertoys folder shows the price for the Arcade.


[Upd.] I made a mistake, I mistyped the price of the Premium Xbox 360. It was €349, not €399.

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vloeistof3973d ago

lol bartsmit

bartsmit is beter dan intertoys

i like bartsmit better then intertoys

whoelse3972d ago

The PS3 is still better value considering you get a Blu-ray player, Bluetooth, motion controller, free online and a game for just 50 euros more than the elite. Yes the elite has a bigger hard drive but the PS3 can have a simple laptop hard drive which doesn't cost as much as a 360 hard drive.

7h3ultim8p003972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

whoelse, I don't even get your reply. It doesn't make sense as a response. Did you reply to the wrong person?

ravenguard883972d ago

No, just the Sony fans have to attack every single article for no reason.

whoelse3971d ago

yh i did sorry.

And no im not attacking. Im just giving my opinion that the 360 may be cheaper, but it doesn't make it better value as a console.

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Rikitatsu3973d ago

if thats true then i am sure SONY is preparing something too

i mean an 199$ Xbox360 + GTA IV is the perfect choice for someone who wants to buy a next gen console

Sony most likely will cut the price too

sak5003973d ago

"Sony most likely will cut the price too "

And go bankrupt.

gambare3973d ago

open zone is that way ------------->

the ps3 doesn't really need price cuts, at least not until holidays.

sonarus3973d ago

you do realize sony's game division besides their price cuts and ps3 not selling so hot still managed to turn a profit far quicker than microsoft did?

7h3ultim8p003972d ago

Sonarus, MS makes 14 times more money than Sony.

Go to wikipedia and check each company's respective net incomes.

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Metal Gear Solid3973d ago

It will be a sign of desperation and panic, if Sony cut the price of the PS3 for the third time in a year.

Before everybody starts complaining. I know the PS3 has been out for more than a year. Any price cuts between now and April though, will make 3 price cuts in the space of 12 months.

CrazzyMan3973d ago

PS3 has/had 20GB sku, 40GB sku, 60GB sku, 80GB sku.

20GB SKU had 0 pricecuts.
40GB SKU had 0 pricecuts.
60GB SKU had 1 pricecut.
80GB SKU had 1 pricecut.

x360 has/had 20GB premiuim SKU, core SKU, Arcade SKU, elite SKU.

arcade SKU had 0 pricecuts.
premium SKU had 1 pricecut till now.
core SKU had 1 pricecut till now.
elite SKU had 1 pricecut till now.


ruibing3972d ago

Well the MGS4 Bundle coming out in June will be price at $499, so I don't think the PS3 is going to have a price cut for awhile.

I just find it funny that MS is able to make a price cut to increase demand not long after they complained of supply shortages as the cause of low sales.

QuackPot3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

Here in New Zealand there's been no price cut as we just have one SKU

We went from a NZ$1200 60G ps3 to a NZ$800 40G ps3.

The only price cuts are happening internationally where there are two SKUs and involves only the 60/80 Gig ps3.

So you keep on dreaming about the desperation of Sony and reconsider why Microsoft is lowering its xbox 360 prices. Cough, cough....desperation.

Sony will go about its normal functions as a world class hardware manufacturer and focus on getting its production costs down to justifiably lower the price of the Ps3.

But I hope I'm wrong as I'm expecting a US$300 Ps3 within 6 months and thatinvolve a lot of cost cutting in such a short period of time.

Xeikon3973d ago (Edited 3973d ago )

Sony cunts are scared.

Jason 360_Niglet3973d ago (Edited 3973d ago )

Your moms cunt is large

liquidsnake3973d ago

Sony cunts are scared yet MS cuts prices on the f*gbox 3 f*ckme. Makes sense.

Xbox is the BEST3972d ago

when Sony cuts the price it's O.K.

tidus0073972d ago

In EU x360's base now stands at just 2m. Over 3 million x360s have already been traded in for both PS3 and WII

after BLU RAY's victory x360 totally died in EUROPE and that includes UK too

It will not help x360

masterg3972d ago

If MS does this on the 14th as rumors say, it will be the most idiotic move so far. This will give them a good month before Sony then does it right before the GTA4 release when the impact is ten fold.

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niall773973d ago (Edited 3973d ago )

the 360 has always been cheaper then the ps3, but that hasnt stoped the ps3 outselling the 360 in europe yet.