Destructoid review: Army of Two

Overall, Army of Two has many good ideas but ultimately falls flat on its promise. It's got some fun moments of cooperativity, some clever mechanics, and an unusually badass multiplayer mode, but its horrible controls and vanilla campaign mode prevent Army of Two from being even an above-average game.

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t-0_ot-3966d ago

Wow.. That's really bad.. Hmm, and the other reviewers gave it high 7's or 8's..

cobhatecrew3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

he said the controls are so bad that he found it easier to go up and melee the enemy? and then he said that you never really had to rely on your partner that much on the campaign mode? well maybe on the easiest difficulty..... but even on medium your going to die .. alot if you did that.
i think this guy expected to much, even with its flaws 4.5 out of 10? i think the aimings fine in my oppinion, just make the campaign mode longer and make it so you can make your on designs on the masks...