Is Piracy Ruining The PSP?

The PSP has had some had some positive hardware sales figures following the release of the PSP-2000, but its games fail to make it to the top of software sales charts. But is piracy to blame? A NeoGAF member went ot a torrents site and compiled a list of torrent files for some recent big games that were released on the PSP.

God of War: Chains of Olympus - 94,154
Patapon - 112,183
Ratchet & Clank - Size Matters - 197,113
Crush - 48,959
LOCO ROCO - 163,904
Wipeout Pulse - 116,965
Castlevania X Chronicles - 102,354
Metal Gear Solid - Portable Ops (Not Including Plus) - 231,054
Burnout Dominator - 269,486

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Harry1903927d ago

is good for some and bad for others.

Pain3926d ago

Like M$!!!! Is how and why its what it is today. Fact.

you really think Megip in India or Quang in China really paid for his copy of XP????

kingnick3927d ago

Piracy is obviously hurting the PSP but how much is the real question and as we have no real way of obtaining the exact figures (totals sold and pirated) we can only speculate.

incogneato3927d ago

I don't think "Piracy" is hurting PSP as much as "Piracy" is pushing hardware sales. I know tons of people, myself included, who would have never even thought of buying a PSP if it wasn't for the awesome homebrew scene. I bought my PSP specifically for homebrew and yet I have purchased 2 games for it anyway.

gta_cb3927d ago

i agree with all of you, i know a lot of people who only own a PSP because of the custom firmware, so because of the security flaws Sony made with it they have gained a lot of PSP sales, but its obvious that some people will have games for free if they can get them easily, and i dont know if any of you have custom firmware or download PS games off PSN but its really simple

rogimusprime3926d ago

why put torrents on blast for PSP sales? I think the PSP is doing better these days. Why not pull up Xbox torrents and see how much that is hurting xbox sales. You can make the argument that xbox sells better and has live dlc, so it wont hurt sales, but losing money is losing money, no matter what way you look at it. Many people steal games, but others may have bought a PSP SPECIFICALLY because of the ability to hack it.

So what's the point of the article?

Did we just find out that people dl games?

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Danja3927d ago

It's definetly hurting the PSP software sales but it's also helping the PSP with hardware sales

rootEXT3927d ago

Better enjoy it while it last, i bet the PSP2 will hard to crack just like the PS3

GOW for the PSP is fricking awesome btw! A must buy!!!


decapitator3927d ago

I hope it uses cell 2 and some other unveiled tech which will make it even harder to crack.

gta_cb3927d ago

until your comment i have never wondered what CPU the PSP2 will have... i mean we have all seen the articles about it should have internal memory, 2 analogue sticks etc etc, but if you think about it the PSP is as powerful as the PS1, so how powerful is the PSP2 going to be?!

xaphanze3927d ago

I only download torrents.I already have my ps3 which is costing me alot.Sorry Sony but 60$(price of psp game in Lebanon) is too much for a game that is gonna last me a couple of hours.

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