"Lone Wolf" game in production; 6 screens

Lone Wolf is a collection of popular gamebooks in the 1980s and 1990s, created by Joe Dever and initially illustrated by Gary Chalk. A FPS/RPG based on the first book in the series, "Flight From The Dark", is currently in production at Ksatria Gameworks in Singapore.

In the original gamebook, the player assumes the role of a young Kai initiate who returns to the monastery and finds all the Kai Lords have been betrayed and massacred in a surprise attack during the feastday of Fehmarn. The player then assumes the identity of Lone Wolf and sets out to the capital to warn the King of the loss of the elite order and an impending invasion.

The video game will be based on the newly expanded and revised edition of the first book that was republished in July 2007. One of the new content of the expanded/revised edition is the opening, in which instead of Lone Wolf walking into his monastery to find everyone already dead, he will walk into a battle and join the fight. [ Source: ]

[ Notes: The information was tipsed by a recruiter for Ksatria Gameworks at the recent GDC in San Francisco. ]

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The gameplay is all that matters with a RPG. Plus i'm in need of a good RPG so bring it on.