The Sony PlayStation 3 - Amazing Hardware, Blu-ray Movie Playback, Average Software

This is not a rant to prove to himself and others that the PlayStation 3 is a mediocre console and should hang its head in shame, in fact quite the opposite.He loves the PlayStation 3 for its graphical splendour and a selection of cracking games. This instead is my moment to tell you the reader why Sony is so close to impressing me thoroughly, however is just missing out on the one important trait that any new gaming entertainment machine needs and that is the consistent online environment.

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HighDefinition3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

PS3`s first year of software, was better than any first year of a system I can remember and I have bought almost every system weeks after or at their launch. People just expected to much because of what the PS2 had done.

HighDefinition3968d ago

Nobody has yet to mention that "amazing hardware" is the most important thing in the long term.

Black_Jack3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

i agree, But he does have a valid point with regards to system software, the ps3 is technically brilliant but the software still needs work, thats in comparrisson to the xbox360, but microsoft is the worlds most successful software company in the world, so what do you expect. With time the ps3 software will improve and i don't have many doubts that the ps3 will surpass the 360 both in software and hardware quality. but you have to admit so many things in 1 box will be more difficult to write for compared to the lesser.

again this is just opinion, i'm not gonna push it on you guys, just my input, cheers.

p.s my sister loves watching your show :)

Lifendz3968d ago

And he must mean exclusive software because I'm plenty happy with the games I have on PS3.

candystop3968d ago

Software is going to be an issue for PS3 this entire generation and if the JAsper version of 360 fixes the rrod issue then honestly I would have to say that 360 is the better of the two for games! Also the PS3 launch was weak and came nowhere near the 360's launch or even the dreamcast! I'm sure the PS3 will pass the 360 in hardware one day but I dont ever think they will catch MS in SOftware and services never!

mikeslemonade3968d ago

People thought blu-ray was crap at launch and the hardware was going fail because of all the complex things. Now blu-ray has won the format war and the PS3 did not have any failures besides user error. Pretty soon average software for the PS3 will be a myth.

MikeGdaGod3968d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

the first year i had my 360, all i really like playing was Dead Rising, GRAW and Gears.

the first year for the PS3, let my count the ways: Resistance, Motorstorm, Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, R&C and Warhawk.

now i know it all depends on what games a person likes, but imo, the PS3 had the best first year line-up of any console i've ever had in the first year. the problem was all of the games i mentioned for it weren't avaliable at launch and we had to wait until summer for most of the big guns to come. kinda like this year.

Palodios3967d ago

Right now, I feel like its a little weak in comparison. Its the console I chose of the three next-gen systems, but I bought it on the promise of good software, not necessarily on good software. Resistance, Uncharted, and R&C were absolutely incredible for me, and I've really enjoyed playing the non-exclusives like Oblivion, Orange Box and other great games.
The biggest problem for me, and this is going to seem crazy, but all the games we've seen so far have been new IPs. Besides DMC and Ratchet, we haven't seen the big hitters that most ps2 fans look for. MGS, GT, GTA, FF, Ico-games, Tekken, Timesplitters, that's why I feel like a lot of ps2 owners have waited for a ps3. I feel like we've seen a lot of new games, and not a whole lot of old games, and I was hoping for a happier medium.

I'm not bashing the ps3, by any means, as I've said, its the console I've chosen, and I've played some great games, but it doesn't have its Halo 3 or its Super Smash Brothers yet.

Daishi3967d ago

@dora, I have to disagree with you on the PS3 launch being the best. I would have to give that honor to the gamecube. I still play some of the launch games to this day.

LastDance3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

hmmm. I agree and disagree(even though the write up is about this guy not being connected to his cyber pals).

The ps3 doesnt have the AMAZING software out just yet bar a few.
but.. I was at the video store yesterday and had a look at the much touted 360 line up.. and what i saw, was..

- the AAA usuals.
- The sport games
- Games no one would play/ps2 ports

In my opinion, Ps3 isnt far behind xbox in terms of decent software.

Im gobsmacked that xbox users use the whole "bigger library" line when its full of junk or games that were good 3 years ago.

Need a new argument because any1 who has the time of day to actually check out the library can realise it just doesnt fly.

lawgone3967d ago

I think some of the commenter's here are not understanding what the author meant by "software." He is talking about the system operating software and the poor online experience it creates as compared to Live. As an owner of all 3 systems, I would have to agree with him here. If a game comes out on PS3 and 360 I find myself going with the 360 version simply because it is much easier and more visually pleasing keeping track of and adding friends. Sony had a gaming system before Microsoft so they really missed an opportunity to take the lead with online features. But with online integration having become so important in gaming they need to make some major software/firmware fixes fast. No bashing...I want Sony to succeed...but you're kidding yourself if you think their software is as polished as the 360's was even at it's launch. Hardware they win. Software/firmware, no.

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Rikitatsu3968d ago

Want more ? I could Mention the Multiplatform titles too!

and You say average software ?

What a joke

sonarus3968d ago

Like it or not play station fans he speaks the truth. Compared to the 360 ps3 line up is average. All that could change this yr but nothing is ever certain so we we have to wait for the games to actually come out. He is especially right on the whole xbox live features and what not. Sony needs to upgrade

devilhunterx3967d ago

Cant wait for Yakuza to hit our shores

Metal Gear Solid3968d ago

The best games on the PS3 are multiplatform and are always inferior to the 360 version.

HighDefinition3968d ago

Multiplatform, maybe. But it just left it`s first year as far a multiplats are concerned and multiplat are already starting to out perform the 360 versions.

Also, the best games on PS3 are........

-Heavenly Sword
-Call Of Duty 4

in year one, so give your head a shake.

360s first year all i played was Dead Rising and Graw, I`d rather have the PS3 game I listed off, but that`s me.

TheExecutive3968d ago

yes, if we compare first year releases, the PS3 had a more attractive lineup IMO

Lifendz3968d ago

I'd say they're equal now and the games that lead on PS3 are usually said to be superior to their 360 counterpart

SuperSaiyan43968d ago

He obviously hasn't see the 360 then *rolls eyes*

Black_Jack3968d ago

i like the sarcasm, hang on!!? thats the master cheif in your picture?!

liquidsnake3968d ago

Sadly, I think it's just what he did.

mighty_douche3968d ago

Average software? Perhaps in 2007, give it another 10 months and it will have the BEST software.

LJWooly3968d ago

The PS3 has had the best first year of any console so far.

Of course, that's subject to opinion, I'm sure some people will find fault with Uncharted, Rathcet & Clank, Heavenly Sword, Motorstorm, Resistance, Warhawk, and all the multiplats, like COD4.