Why DLC has lost to Blu-ray (for now)

Now that Sony has won the format war, the war vs. DLC is far on the horizon, contrary to what some would have you believe. Those arguing that DLC is on the verge of scooping the victory out from under Blu-ray obviously are not comparing apples to apples and oranges to oranges. By that, I mean comparing reality to reality.

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nix3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

DLC still is an out-reach for millions actually billions!

"Many of the sources being quoted in the media have their own vested interests in physical storage media or the video download industry. On the other side of the boat, you have many authors in the media championing this message after being burnt by their own untimely HD DVD player purchases. Lastly, you have the usual group of technology naysayers, those who are always “holding out for the next best thing.” As we all know, but at times forget to realize, when it comes to technology there will always be a next best thing down the road. Holding out on a purchase for 5 years never got anyone further ahead of the curve."

good point!

crck3965d ago

Half the people calling DLC the future are invested in DLC succeeding. The other half are just bitter HD-DVD owners lashing out because they choose the wrong side.

Storm233965d ago

The argument is really non-existent...for a long time.

sa_nick3965d ago

"DLC still is an out-reach for millions actually billions!"

Damn straight. In the US you guys have unlimited downloads, in other countries we don't. I have 40GB/month to use, once i hit that limit I'm capped to 5kb/s.

And my 40GB plan is considered outrageos (and expensive at $70 a month) because most people have about 1GB/month, which isnt even enough for 1 regular DVD.

Lifendz3965d ago

Amazing how all this talk of DLC didn't get going until blu-ray was declared the winner of the format war.

Storm233965d ago

Wow, I did not know it was that bad for a lot of people. Blu-ray is the only option for a ton of people.

Plus I don't know about you guys but I like to have a real copy of something.

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TheExodus3965d ago

Damages comes on 3 discs: 3 x 25GB = 75GB
Lost comes on 6 discs: 6 x 25GB = 150GB
Nip/Tuck comes on 4 discs: 4 x 25GB = 100GB
Prison Break comes on 6 discs: 6 x 25GB = 150GB
Rescue Me comes on 4 discs: 4 x 25GB = 100GB
Smallville comes on 4 discs: 4 x 25GB = 100GB

There isn't a season of ANYTHING on Blu-ray that comes anywhere near taking up a terabyte.

Scottama3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

True, but your TV shows there total 675GB. You'd need a 750GB HDD (at least) to tend with that, and then there's only enough space for another 3 discs. Now, my movies collection;

Die-Hard 4.0 25Gb
Spiderman 3 (2 Discs) 50Gb
Click 25Gb
Superbad (2 Discs) 50Gb
Blazing Saddles 25Gb
Casino Royale 25Gb
Layer Cake 25Gb
Pirates otC 3 (2 Discs) 50Gb
Harry Potter 5 25Gb
Fracture 25Gb
Sunshine 25Gb
Borat 25Gb
Donnie Darko 25Gb
28 Days Later (2 Discs) 50Gb
28 Weeks Later 25Gb
Pirates 1 (3 Discs) 75GB
Pirates 2 (2 Discs) 50Gb
Spiderman 1 (2 Discs) 50Gb
Spiderman 2 (2 Discs) 50Gb
Hot Fuzz (2 Discs) 50Gb
Rush Hour 25Gb
Harry Potter 1 25Gb
Harry Potter 3 25Gb
Harry Potter 4 (2 Discs) 50Gb
King Kong(2 Discs) 50Gb
Terminator 2 (2 Discs) 50Gb
V for Vendetta 25Gb
The Prestige 25Gb
Jackass: The Movie 25Gb
X-Men 25Gb
X-Men 2 25Gb
X-Men 3 (2 Discs) 50Gb
The Truman Show 25Gb
The Matrix Trilogy (10 Discs) 250GB
The Lord of the Rings Special Extended Edition Trilogy (12 Discs) 300Gb

And now for TV shows:

Lost Seasons 1 and 2 (16 Discs) 400Gb
Heroes Season 1 Part 1 (4 Discs) 100GB
The Simpsons Season 4 (4 Discs) 100Gb
The Simpsons Season 7 (4 Discs) 100GB
The Simpsons Classics - Too Hot for TV (2 Discs) 50Gb
Jekyll (2 Discs) 50Gb
CSI Seasons 1-3 + Season 4 Part 1 (21 Discs) 525Gb

Now, totalling THAT up gives me (and I'm sure this will shock me too :D) gives me: 3Tb 75Gb. For that I would need at least 3 1Tb HDDs, and there's no reason to assume I'd be stopping collecting movies anytime soon, so I'd be getting 4 1Tb Drives.

Now, the very cheapest 1Tb drive to be found on price runner is this:

It costs £136, which equates to about $270. So, for storage ALONE, I would already have forked out over $1000.

Then there's the issue of download speeds. I'm signed onto 20Mbps (which is 20 megabits btw), which at the absolute peak is 2.5Megabytes per second. However, I rarely get more than 8mbps and so, given that that is 3.075million seconds at that speed, it would take me more than a month of CONTINOUS downloads to get my movie collection.

Yep. Blu-Ray will be here for a LONG time...

NovusTerminus3965d ago

TheExodus, it is true that there in nothing on Blu-Ray that takes up that much. But. Would you want to DL a 100gig season?

niall773965d ago

poeple like having a disc and having something other then data ofter spending your money

TheExecutive3965d ago

there will be discs or some other sort of physical format for the next 25 years, at least. Its a WAY WAY more reliable form of storage than an HDD.

Charlie26883965d ago

Last time I checked services like STEAM and D2D were already taking over the sales of Physical PC games and the amount of people doing this is surprisingly massive same goes for the fact that there is probably more people downloading music from various legal and "illegal" services that there is people still buying CDs

I think there is the need to differentiate the fact that DD for some media is really taking off for example you don't need a mega connection or a lot of HDD to download a 2-6GB PC game or a 3mb song...but a real HD movie is a whole different world

but one thing is easy to say that Digital media will still not replace physical media, and this is mostly for DD movies cuz the DD PC games and Music can be easily burned on a disc or DVD

heyheyhey3965d ago

the guy just basically took what me and many others have been saying for ages, and put it in an easy-to-digest informative article


but yeah what he says is absolutely right- personally i torrent films mostly

but if im looking for outstanding quality on my fav films then i occasionally buy or rent a BD-film

the point is- a physical format is just so much more mainstream than DLC ATM, and will be for quite some time

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