NP's The World Ends With You special

This month's issue of Nintendo Power has a feature on The World Ends With You, which includes new information and an interview with the game's director, Tatsuya Kando. Some of the information that surfaced the web is as follows:

· Control Neku on bottom screen with stylus - tap, slash, circle.
· Control partner on upper screen with control pad or buttons (lefty-friendly) - up/down to evade, left/right to attack.
· Card games on the top screen (i.e. Concentration and War) played by selecting the right combos when Neku's partner attacks.
· Mechanics start out simple, but build up complexity as you continue.
· You can make enemies stronger, or lower your level to add varying degrees of difficulty.
· "Over a dozen singers were hired to perform vocals for nearly every track in the game, and the end result is a high-energy melange of dance, trance and hip-hop with English, Engrish, and Japanese vocals"

- The interview with Tatsuya Kando...

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