VGB: Frontlines: Fuel of War Xbox 360 Review

VGB writes: Lock and load soldier! Its time to take the battle to your living room in Frontlines: Fuel of War. Players will be thrust into the near future as they battle in an epic struggle over earth's last oil reserves in this innovative new first person shooter from THQ and KAOS Studios.

As our economies and our way of life tumble into chaos, the superpowers clash to gain control. Set in the near future, Frontlines: Fuel of War asks the plausible question "What would happen if our oil reserves were about to run out?" As man kind is starved of one of its most important resources two super powers face off over the last reserves in intense futuristic warfare. Starting on the oil fields of central Asia this game takes players across the globe and right into the heart of Moscow itself.

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Boldy3966d ago

Looks like this game turned out to be better than what everyone thought it was going to be.