Gamdaily: Major League Baseball 2K8 Review

Gamedaily writes: Major League Baseball 2K8 steps up to the plate for a season of home runs, easy outs and stolen bases. It doesn't match the awesome MLB 2K5, but the fact that it's close counts for something. Baseball fans and newcomers alike will find this baseball game worth swinging for the fences.

A few significant gameplay changes were made, making the game more thrilling to play than last year's effort. The most notable addition is the Total Pitch Control. Instead of simply tapping buttons to execute a certain pitch, you perform the motions of the pitch with an analog stick. A fastball, for instance, is a slow down-to-up motion, with accuracy depending on when you release the stick. Curveball motions are a little trickier, starting in the lower-right holding pattern and switching to a rotational fireball-like maneuver in the upper left. It takes some practice, but once you get the hang of it, you'll find it to be a natural and fun pitching system.


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