Game Informer: Major League Baseball 2K8 Review

Game Informer writes: "If I told you that Johan Santana's change up is thrown with the exact same motion as Tim Wakefield's knuckleball, I would deserve to be slapped, as this is one of the most erroneous observations ever to be made about baseball. But what if I was talking about video game baseball? If you strip away the names and likenesses for all of the pitchers in the league, would you still be able to differentiate Carlos Zambrano from Daisuke Matsuzaka, or Tom Glavine from Pedro Martinez? The answer is no. In every baseball game released thus far, all pitch types utilizes the same click-the-button to throw the ball mechanics. How potent these pitches are is dictated solely by backend statistics. Outside of placing pitches and gauging their velocity, there really is no skill involved.

With MLB 2K8, players finally get to experience the art of pitching. You'll see how a perfectly thrown curveball can make a batter's knees buckle, and you'll also find out what goes through a pitcher's mind when a ball slips out of their fingers, hangs in the strike zone, and ends up in Earth's orbit. Developer 2K Los Angeles has done an amazing job of capturing these elements in the retooling of the pitching mechanic."

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