Battlefield: Bad Company 'Gunfight' Video

More Battlefield: Bad Company single player footage showing the destructible environment of the game.

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Presentist5687d ago

Looks like a one trick pony to me.

Ooh explosions, great graphics...uh...what else is there?

sonarus5687d ago

DESTRUCTIBLE ENVIRONMENTS? Makes the explosions look that more real. I don't know how good this game will be but that game looked INTENSE. All shooters need to head in this direction.

TheExecutive5687d ago

it looks a little too much like a frag fest... seriously.

InMyOpinion5687d ago (Edited 5687d ago )

Are you sure you're not talking about Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, minus the explosions?

The sound in this game is incredible. It looks like a serious COD 4 contender. Knowing what DICE have accomplished in the past, I have no doubt this will be a great game.

NO_PUDding5687d ago

I also wanted to mention the sound.

It's beautiful, especially the battlefield chatter. The guys sound so real, I usually don't acre about sound, but sometimes there is stuff about it, that really can immerse me.

Dareaver15687d ago

my only gripe is the problems with the indestructible sand bags, a lot of fps do things like that, hopefully they fix that. But it still looks like a great game, and the fact that there is fully functional destructible environments, not like the partially done stuff of yore (and to be released), it'll make multiplayer all that more interesting. Can't wait....

Hope Gears 2 is as indepth....as far as destructible enviros go....

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JasonPC360PS3Wii5687d ago

One thing I noticed about current gen consoles are the vsync issues. The only place you don't see it is high end PC's.

1-800-4MY-XBOX5687d ago

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JasonPC360PS3Wii5687d ago

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SPARTAAN5687d ago

were both of u trying to be funny?????

i_like_ff75687d ago

I like the sound effects. They're overdoing the explosions i think