How about some less predictable stories in games ?

TVGB's editorial: "Gamers often loudly complain about derivative, predictable stories in video games, and rightly so. I think there is no more powerful feeling than having your expectations denied, whether it's through video games, movies, or just daily life."

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sonarus3973d ago

game stories aren't much more predictable than movie stories. Unless off course its a bad game/movie.

VigorousApathy3973d ago

Then I guess 99.5% of movies are bad then.

sonarus3973d ago

I honestly cannot remember the last movie without a predictable plot. The last movie i can say didn't have a predictable plot would have to be pulp fiction and that is arguable. SO yea that 99.5% estimate is right on

zane5473973d ago

I think Mistwalker hit a nail on the head with Lost Odyssey. The gameplay at best was "if it isnt broke dont fix it".

But the storytelling captured the player. Simply because they hired a respected novelist to do it. I think the best way to change the storylines of gaming is be able to compile a narrative on par with that of halfway decent novels. The skill is carrying that storyline through, some games have done it well, and certainly Japanese Role Playing Games have to rely on it, to certain extents.

cartman3133973d ago (Edited 3973d ago )

@ Sonarus -

You also forgot,

No Country For Old Men.
Donnie Darko. - Took me watching at least 30 times to figure it out.
Lucky Number Sleven.
Fight Club.
The Departed.

Those are the unpredictable movies I can think of off the top of my head right now.

But yeah, most movies are predictable now days.

EZCheez3973d ago

Yeah. If anyone knew what was going to happen next in The Departed then they were psychics. That movie was awesome.

I would like to add Deja Vu to the list of movies with a good plot. You knew exactly what was going to happen, and that's what made it so good.

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VigorousApathy3973d ago

It's pretty hard to be both unpredicable and believable. Derivative and easily forseeable storylines are not a purposeful choice of game developers. They are simply the best most writers and storyboarders are capable of.

Presentist3973d ago


Nuff' said.

We need more original games like that.

perseus3973d ago wasn't new in terms of literature. The themes (and "twist") in Bioshock can be seen in quite a few science fiction novels. Doesn't make Bioshock bad at all, but it isn't new.

Theo11303973d ago (Edited 3973d ago )

That was the first thought that came to mind, when I read this. The problem is that games try to take their game stories seriously and they get caught up in there own BS

well Bioshock manages to do it in a game, as apossed to other games would have used a CC. Also pulling it off in a videogame is alot harder than a book, so it is new to this medium

nirwanda3973d ago

bioshock's story has never been successfully recreated in a film purely because the plot revolves around your direct involvement with the character

perseus3973d ago

As I said, I wasn't trying to knock the Bioshock story. It was nice to see that type of story hit gaming consoles.

In a way, COD4's single-player campaign is the same. Not the same story as Bioshock obviously, but the same in that we got this great story in which bloody everyone dies. Completely opposite the normal gung-ho, kick-ass, warhawk FPS.

They are both refreshing.

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Fux4Bux3973d ago

Yeah they definitely need deeper stories will less predictable stuff. Like the story in Haze sounds pretty interesting but its completely predictable because they told everyone the entire outline.

I think what devs really need to do is keep everything a secret and actually try to mislead you. Haze would've been a kick ass story if you didn't even know you were under the influence of the nectar and were just killing rebels until your mask just randomly breaks and you the player makes the realization of what has happened.

Really just instead of you playing a story have the story unfold as you play.

perseus3973d ago

Absolutely yes. It would have been much cooler to be given the choice to either continue or not after coming off of the nectar.

Bazookajoe_833973d ago

Much because more and more of the army world wide are being corporate, and drugs are also increasing in the soldiers life. Before they realized the downside with amfetamin they gave it to fighterpilots so they could be more alert.

Have we seen all the twist and turns in haze yet?

nirwanda3973d ago

should revolve around real life if you look at the heavy rain trailer it deals with adult themes in a believable environment which will help the story be convincing though great dialog even if it predictable it will still be good just like a film based on a factual event or someones life story.

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