GT5 Prologue, PS3 Bundle for Europe

Sony has announced Gran Turismo 5 Prologue / PS3 bundle packs will be available in Europe on March 29th. If you haven't already purchased a PS3, this will be a great opportunity to pick one up along with the new game. The real question: why are there no plans to bring this package to North American markets..? Of course, if you've already got a PS3, you can go ahead and pre-order your copy of GT5 Prologue at Amazon right now!

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tidus0073966d ago

This game despite being an extended DEMO will sell millions of PS3 this year in europe.

MGS4 alone would move 5 million PS3s this year and so will FF13

PS3 will murder competition with this.

MARCH 29th will see the TOTAL END for X360 in europe ( It is half dead there already)

TheHater3966d ago

So it look like Europe is getting GT5 Prologue before the United State. Well at least Sony is finally give them something before us American, and the Japanese gamers.

Irving3965d ago

Prologue has been out in Japan since December.

TheHater3965d ago

I know it been out in Japan. But it not out in the US as yet.

SuperSaiyan43966d ago

You can find a 40gb PS3 for well under £300 and on I believe GT5 prologue is only £18 anways if this bundle was to contain say 2 dualshock 3 controllers as well then i think that would make for a better bundle.

resistance1003965d ago

So you rather pay £320 then?

Plus this way everyone who gets a Ps3 gets to experience Gran Turismo prologue, which also is a great game for showing what there new console is capable of.

Unless they go for the movie bundle

Presentist3966d ago's not even the full game.

Why would you make a bundle for a huge demo?

Japan is strange :P

thetorontokid3966d ago

Prologue alone has more content and is overall better than alot of full racer games. I will just wait for the full game. In my eyes this bundle can't touch the MGS4 bundle we are getting here in north america, but the prologue is no joke either.

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The story is too old to be commented.