God of War: Chains of Olympus locked for Japan release

It always has been no holds barred for Kratos, and Japan's usual lack of love for western video games is just another obstacle he'll try to get out of the way. Capcom has finally announced that it will be bringing the Sony PlayStation Portable title God of War: Chains of Olympus by developer Ready at Dawn to its home country's shores this summer.

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Iamback3971d ago

and 10 people will buy it. OS2 has over 20 million install base in Japan and less than 100k of GOW2 was sold. Why even bother when they boycot our western games.

bakasora3970d ago

better than nothing.

So Capcom publishes it?

1-800-4MY-XBOX3970d ago

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Heavenly Sword had achieved some sucess there, maybe GOW portable can make that too.

Rhezin3970d ago

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