ZTGD Reviews: Lost: Via Domus

+ Excellent Fan Service
+ Easy Achievements (Xbox 360)
+ Captures the Confusion of the Show
- Criminally Short
- Terrible Voice Overs
- Feels More Like an Interactive Episode

Words By ZeroTolerance from the N4G podcast

Fans of ABC's popular Lost series (which includes myself for anyone worried that this game was being reviewed by someone who hated the show) are used to being confused. The show has survived into its fourth season by posing more questions to its audience than answers, leaving speculation high and understanding at a minimum. The idea behind Via Domus is to give fans a chance to experience yet another side of the story through the eyes of a brand new character, Elliot. This new survivor of Oceanic Flight 815 suffers from amnesia, the perfect groundwork for an adventure game, and you will spend the majority of your time on the island uncovering new questions and of course trying to figure out just who you are...

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