Peter Molyneux' Next Game based on Dimitri and a Discovery

GamersGlobal recently met with Peter Molyneux and asked him for more information about his next game. While the information he gave is sketchy at best, but GamersGlobal wanted to share it with you.

"Since Black&White, we've been thinking a lot about AI, Lionhead was founded with that thought of AI in mind. In terms of the core or the theory of the AI, we've moved from Black&White onto a project called Dimitri, which I've been tantalizing you about for a long time. And that team kept on researching. Dimitri was always an experimental thing, which is why I never showed it."

Peter Molyneux continued: "And then it moved from that experiment to a moment in time that happened six months ago when a discovery was made, and this discovery has been so exciting that it has lead to Lionhead focussing on it and sculpting a game around that. I think that discovery is so significant... This discovery has lead us to start a game and that game will be on the front cover of Nature magazines and Science magazines."

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RadientFlux3971d ago

While Peter Molyneux does love to over promise with his games. He is one of the top developers in the world for a reason.

Odion3971d ago

this man could tell me a cobra bite cures cancer and I would believe him in a heart beat

SuperSaiyan43971d ago

I love how he explains things about what he thinks and about games sounds very pleasing on the ears :-)

I am sooo happy Fable 2 is coming to the 360 woot!

candystop3971d ago

One thing I think we can all agree upon is that there's definetly no other developer like Peter! I hope this gut brings us BC eventually and Fable 2 should be stellar along with Dimitri and Discovery!

realistgamer3970d ago

anything should be great from peter can't wait to see what it is.