Rainbow Six Vegas: Character creation & Face Mapping

Ubisoft released this video of Rainbow Six: Vegas presenting the new character creation system for the multiplayer mode, and the face mapping feature allowing everyone to get his face inside the game.

TheMART6437d ago

And if I'm right, the face mapping is only on 360! Now that's next gen. And Ubisoft says it runs on 60 fps for 360, that's next gen gaming. Progress on PS3 is up to 30 fps.

It's all about games on 360

TheXgamerLive6437d ago (Edited 6437d ago )

You are right my friend. 60 fps, face mapping, and all the online content, wow we didn't get just an empty box like others.

Ok, ok, I'm kiding about the empty box but these features are exclusive to the XBOX 360.

dantesparda6436d ago (Edited 6436d ago )

60 fps!? this game dont look like no 60 fps from the videos, at best it looks like 30fps. So I dont know where you got that from, show us a link. Cuz this aint no 60 fps kid> Sh!t I hope you're right and Im wrong, cuz I would like some 60fps action, but it dont look like it from what Ive seen

TheMART6435d ago

It was on this site, in an article, said by the developer themselves. Go search it up yourself, it's not my task to keep yourself informed

dantesparda6435d ago (Edited 6435d ago )

"Not informed"!? You're a funny little kid, KMart. I dont need a developer to tell me that its running at 60 fps, I can tell just by looking at it. And it aint not 60, sorry. I know you wish it was, but you can keep dreaming. I've been in this business long enough to know what 60fps looks like

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kingboy6437d ago (Edited 6437d ago )

this is multi my friend..how long u gonna keep fighting? plus ur really failing to understand ps3 dev kits are very new to developers.so if u comparing whatever now u wasting ur time.Give it a year too then we shall talk which got what.

TheMART6437d ago (Edited 6437d ago )

It is multi I know BoyKing, but the face mapping is XBOX 360 exclusive! That's why it's only in the 360 section.

Just face it, that version is better. PS3 devkits new to developers? It's just better suited for scientific use as your articles just posted also say. For games the 360 is better suited and the different hardware parts are a better combination.

These games just show it. Face Mapping, Gears of War even lip sync, 60 fps instead of 30 fps on PS3. It's clear buddy, no fighting, just reality

And I don't live in the future. What's now is now and what's then is then.

At this moment, PS3 gets pwned by 360 in this game and more of them. And you can't deny it.

kingboy6437d ago

lol ok its u marta ,well we already know ur the boss out here no need to get mad at ps3 because u not buying it.who`s the one worried? looks more like u my friend.Nevermind the 360 will be here for long and atleast for 4 years to come

TheMART6437d ago

It doesn't matter what you say, I give you the facts and you are just bringing up non important stuff.

That's the way many Sony fanboys react when they see their 'powerfull' console does infact less then the competition.

And yeah I don't mind if I have to buy a new console each 5 years. Because at that time I wish to get new graphics the hardware is on the end of it's life cycle then also. Rather that then an outdated product already at the start of the selling (PS2 graphics less then competition already in 2000) and/or delayed for a half year, or even a year here in Europe. Outdated products used for scientific stuff.

Well urm, maybe they can sell the 500k PS3 units to North-Korea to launch some rockets? ;)

RBlaze6437d ago

. . . Leave out all the flaming and stuff. This looks like an awesome feature. I wasn't always gonna buy a live camera, but this has done it for me. The way it mapped that guys face was awesome!! It'l be great for other games (on both 360 and PS3) to have this, even tho i think this is just for the 360, the PS3 is bound to follow suit. GET READY TO SEE SOME HOT RAMPANT BLAZE ONLINE!!!(lol)

kingboy6437d ago

ur grown enough to know just the cell alone can do
face mapping in pure realtime even better,that has been shown on video longtime ago and if u think it`s b/c ps3 can`t do it then ur a dreamer .look i gave up arguing on this site with extremist of ur kind.lets make this clear marta,the difference between me and u is i`m here for ps3 news and don`t really give a F@ck what microsoft does with her 360 while not bashing 360 cuz it`s a good console.But ur just some ps3 addict fanboy who cares about ps3 than his own 360 console.lol!!who`s the desperate one now?i`m out case close.

RBlaze6437d ago (Edited 6437d ago )

Where was your comment bout some hot Blaze, lol. Nah i'm with you on the 'Not bashing thing (tho i'm a 360 man,lol)'. But i just heard from somewhere that theres no face mapping on the PS3 for any announced games yet, even tho it can probably do it tho.:S. U gotta admit tho, it does look pretty cool

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