Rumor New Killzone 2 trailer to be shown at LIVE

Now the fact they have listed Killzone 2 with 'Trailer' suggests that they will be showing a new Killzone 2 trailer. We will keep you updated when we have the news.

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resistance1003972d ago

I'm gald that im going now, i really hope that they will be showing a new trailer, just a shame it looks like LBP won't be in playable form ¬_¬

sonarus3972d ago

Well lets hope so. Let us put these KZ2 2009 rumors to rest hopefully. If KZ2 comes out in 2009 it risks becoming like haze. Basically when there are just so much better games no one really cares about it because of constant delays. Not every game can survive delays. Games like MGS4, FF13, Gears of war, games that have had solid foundation survive delays. Unfortunately for KZ2 that is not the case

Lifendz3972d ago

this game is the reason I bought a PS3. Granted the footage I saw in 05 wasn't the real thing, but the footage we saw last year was virtually indistinguishable. Can't wait to see what 40 mil can do on PS3.

beavis4play3972d ago

when that in game demo of KZ2 was shown at E3'07, that was all that was needed to make this game able to survive any delays. that demo was great.

i understand what you are saying, but comparing KZ2 and haze is like apples to oranges.

sonarus3972d ago

i am looking forward to KZ2 as much as the next guy but how long do they think i will look forward to it. If it comes out today 100% certainty i will buy it. But sometime around when resistance comes out depending on how good resistance is, that certainty will drop a little bit. Just like when haze was first shown. There was a 100% certainty i would buy it but with the delays that percentage now rests at 50%. Same will inevitably happen to KZ2 if it keeps getting delayed. If it gets delayed and comes out with fantastic reviews then i will get it but there is no certainty KZ2 will wow on anything besides a graphics. If it did and reviews would confirm this then it would be worth the wait. Same goes for haze as well

Grahammad3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

I can see where you're coming from sonarus, but I just wanna know... where people keep getting that it was delayed from? I mean, neither Sony, nor Guerrilla, have ever given a specific date... only the game's producer, Steven Ter Heide, has ever even given a year (which still stands as 2008), so when was it delayed? Granted, Seb Downie (Head of QA at Guerrilla) was quoted as saying there was to be a beta late last year, but that was the ONLY delay it has ever had and that was technically unoffical since it was just a forum post. Some people take IGN or Gamestop's dates as if Guerrilla released it themselves (and I'm not saying YOU are doing this sonarus specifically) but they are only wild guesses. Its just that I don't understand where this general idea that the game keeps getting delayed is coming from... and I see it all the time, it is simply wrong. That's why it's unlike Haze which has been given at least ONE very sturdy date that was completely missed.

sonarus3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

i am not saying i believe the rumors but i would like to see the rumors put to rest. Surfergirl said some sh!t about KZ2 not making it this yr and then some random people have been posting release dates. Its an incredibly ambitious game so i can understand them running into difficulty but delays are bad press. And KZ2 cannot afford that. There is enough skepticism behind the title as is. I really want KZ2 to be great, I hate to see such great games fall.

supahbad3971d ago

that anything surfergirl guesses about is true, plus its been in developement for almost three years so if it doesnt show up this year i'll be worried

lawman11083971d ago

The ONLY people talking about KZ2 are PS3 bots NOBODY else even cares about this game. Unlike Gears of war 2 even Rainbow6 vegas 2 gets more ink then this game. The 1st KZ was a C- game AT BEST , this will just be yet ANOTHER turd in Sony's toilet.

LJWooly3971d ago

What an exciting and fulfilling life you must lead, lawman...

Arkham3971d ago

Lawman has apparently missed the dozen of gameplay videos that have been in circulation for months.

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HarryEtTubMan3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )



Killzone 2 FTMFW!!!!! All doubters will meet the hand of the almighty S L A Y S T A T I O N HAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHA

InYourMom3972d ago

another droid who doesn't even play games and sit's on these forums all day. I swear you have an "xbot" comment on just about every article on here.

Sorry in advance.

pwnmaster30003972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

dude chill down, i kinda fell srry for the xbots
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InYourMom3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

Because I spend a little time on here each day. But I am not commenting on every article. I know you are trying to come to the rescue of your fellow droid like a good little b!tch but if you can't admit that this person is just plain nutters then I guess I'm sorry to you too.

PS - the song sucks.

pwnmaster30003972d ago

actually no im not defending him im just saying why u here if 360 has so many games and please dont call me b!tch ok because calling me dat doesnt proof anything it just proof that ur only tough online

tidus0073972d ago

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Electronic Arts3972d ago

Dirty mouth? Clean with Orbit!

InYourMom3972d ago

qwnmaster3000: I see the point you were trying to make and I said I am not commenting on every damn article here. I have no problem backing up what I say online off the computer you can bet on that!

Tidus: Are you really that stupid? I think you are. PM ME means Personal Message me for my PSNID and 360 gamertag. I already told you to PM your PSNID and I'm still waiting for it.

pwnmaster30003972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

ohh stfu with that "have no problem backing up what I say online off the computer you can bet on that!" ok i believe u. i use to say the same thing to but i pm them though and if you dont belief me go ask getpwn and yeah i kno wat u mean but dont ever call me a bich again ok

tidus0073972d ago

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robbo9183972d ago

Wow, its ok to be a fan of Sony and PS3 but rein it in a bit. Tidus you are losing it and fast, try debating without being stupid and using gay slurs.

I am a die hard Sony fan and anti-MS person but don't agree with those tactics Tidus. If you want people to take you even remotely serious then tone it down.

Snukadaman3971d ago

anyways...his psn id is nasimkhan007....I would suggest you dont pm him..he might say your harassing swear to god nasim is so stupid..he cant tell one person from another...he cant comprehend the idea of one person,one account...I tell you robbo..he makes all ps3 fans look least most of the xbox fans have composure..this guy blows a gasket when his message cant be delivered...and in fact actually logs into his other various accounts when his bubbles are done..It just goes too show this website is slowly going to hell...dont get me not dumb enough too think xbox fans dont do it...its just been a major problem with nasim for the time I have been on this site. I found out that nasim is a feminine name...quite ironic since he acts like a little biatch on these pages....dont believe me?

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xhi43972d ago


maybe multilayer!?

Lifendz3972d ago

can you say shock and awe. Give us a multiplayer beta and we'll all be very happy. Heck, you might sell PS3s when people decide to play that Beta

Jack T3972d ago

I wonder how much 'touching up' will be done to this trailer.

3972d ago
mintaro3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

lol we are finally at a point where if someone critisizes the Playstaion 3, they must obviously be a 360 fanboy

just interesting is all

on topic: if they're going to release a trailer i hope its shows multiplayer

EDIT" for those who disagreed with me. id appreciate it if you could explain your reasoning for doing so

EZCheez3972d ago

You are being disagreed with because you are defending a troll.

This guy is pretending to be another forum user and has been posting little quips like this for the last couple of days.

And I did not disagree.........with the button.

Jeanne3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

"I wonder how much 'touching up' will be done to this trailer. "

Most likely none other than colour balancing like all the rest of the Killzone 2 screen captures. When you have an engine that people were claiming wouldn't be possible until an entire new console generation you don't need to much 'touching up'.

Don't worry, Guerilla Games has no need for fake marketing shots like Epic does for every single Gears of War 'screenshot' ever released on the 360...

mintaro3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

how embarassing......

anyways did not mean to implie that i was defending him, just stating IMO how this whole console "flame war" can be blown out of proportion and started

sonarus3972d ago

Couldn't have said it better EZchez.
MOST ps3 owners here are sensible. The thing is 360 owners started this whole fanboy crap last yr with the consistent bashing of the ps3. We ps3 owners were only speaking in the defense of our console back then. I own a 360 though i don't defend it because it is not really my console of choice. It jst has more games so from time to time i rent titles on it.

Lifendz3972d ago

you guys get mad when PS3 fanboys flame your news and yet you keep coming in here doing the same.

Mark Rein3972d ago

Gears of War 2 will have far better graphics, gameplay, online, level design, AI, multiplayer, story, controls and sound than Killzone 2.

We have never deceived the gaming public with lies and edited trailers/screenshots.

All Guerrilla Games have done is lie and deceive you.

The thought that Killzone could possibly be anything other than the biggest fraud in history is a joke.

Just look at some of their previous titles and tell me, honestly. That these people are even capable of making games and are not wasting our time.

Tiny Toon Adventures: Dizzy's Candy Quest
Rhino Rumble
Black Belt Challenge
Shellshock: Nam '67
Killzone: Liberation

The titles above are some of the worst games ever made.

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sonarus3972d ago

The mods really need to take care of all these clowns pretending to be other ppl and using that to spew fan boy crap.

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Farsendor13972d ago

well we know a new trailer is coming the question is when will they be showing it.

they haven't shown anything in a long time so of course they will be showing something.