10 Battlefield 3: End Game screenshots that are works of art

James Snook took these screenshots from Battlefield 3: End Game using SweetFX. It’s a mod built on the InjectSMAA shader injector, that allows you to apply a suite of post processing shader effects to your games.

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Upbeat2050d ago

What a Fantastic Game.

SolidStoner2050d ago

I am premium member and I can say that you must buy these new maps.. they are very very different from BF3 start map package...!!! this game is far better now with about 30 multiplayer maps, and that gives about 80 game modes/types to play..... the amount of content and map size is bigger than all 15 COD games combined :) seriously!!!

Gamesgbkiller2050d ago

What can BF4 do this time :)

spaceg0st2047d ago

i'd be MORE than happy with just

-Bigger player count in game...
-More customizable options (gun skins, player skins, not camo)
-Obvious graphical upgrade
-Ability to record and share.

That's all

Animal Mutha 762050d ago

Fantastic. I bet you need a monster GPU to have all that switched on. I'd love to see a vid with all these effects on at 60fps.

(makes me want to upgrade pc....)

Kinger89382050d ago

Its not tooo demanding in all fairness, very well optimized imo

DigitalSmoke2050d ago

I did, i bought a second GPU just for this game, GFX are crazy.

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