Mafia 2 vs. GTA 4 graphics comparison

German gaming site PC Games compares the graphics of Mafia 2 with Grand Theft Auto 4.

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Genki3967d ago

you need to be registered as legally blind.

gameraxis3967d ago

but i think that the GTA screens are real time where the mafia screens arn't. i mean look at that mafia screen in the bar withthe guy with the trench coat, that look almost too good to be in game real time... anyone??

PopEmUp3967d ago

a laughingstock for gamer to compare a game that tend to focus on gameplay and the other focus on graphic this is like comparing crysis with GTAIV, if GTAIV have a grafic like crysis even 5 Blue ray discs cannot be fit so in other it like leaving 360 in dust

masterg3966d ago

All I can say is that both games are going to be incredible.
And I for one am getting both.

hades073966d ago

Both games will definitely be added to my game collection. The original Mafia was amazing on the PC, hopefully the second one lives up to the original.

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Ru3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Even IF Mafia looks better than GTA its not going to be as good unless they capture GTA's Masterful gameplay

Genki3967d ago

why this is a screenshot comparison. Nobody said a thing about gameplay.

harv0523967d ago

What drives Mafia though is the story......

NO_PUDding3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Yes I will sum up both very quickly

GTA3: Superb (underrated) story, Great graphics, Superb gameplay.
Mafia: Superb Story, Superb graphics, Great gameplay

It's all about where your loyalties lay, because they are both great games in terms of their predecessors, we will just have to wait and see if one of them pull ahead in an unexpected area.

P.S GTA III, although humorous was a fantastic story. Unimaginably well written and directed. People just don't realise because they don't follow the story, which is what Mafia forced you to do (there wasn't any fun stuff to do outside of the story), which in Mafia's case isn't a bad thing. It lead the story through. GTA stuttered and it paid the price because it's story was equally as good as Mafia's, but they let people go off on tangents and lose the story.

GTA's next two installments were however lackluster. and got chronologically worse, so lets hope GTA 4 brings something fresh and that Mafia builds upon what it's got.

turbogeek3967d ago

Mafia looks vastly superior.

destroyah3967d ago

Mafia 2 looks way better.

gonzopia3967d ago

I won't downplay either of these games - they're both good. I'm more intrigued by the Mafia world, however. I'll buy Mafia 2. I may rent GTA4.

Asurastrike3967d ago

Mafia 2 may look better, but heres my question. Has anyone even heard of Mafia 1?

destroyah3967d ago

Yep. Great story. Better than any GTA game out there.

NO_PUDding3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Both of you are ignorant.

Asurastrike : You clearly haven't played it and have no right to pass judgement on it. And it's a superb game (Mafia).

destroyah : If you think GTA has a bad story you clearly haven't played it. The story in GTA III is rich and riddled with superb satire and even without satire it's a fantastic piece of media, equally as well written as Mafia. Just executed badly because people get wrapped up in running over pedestrians, and lose the story.

cartman3133967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Asura, try and find the first Mafia if you can. The game was just amazing. The story really pulls you in.

Nopudding - If the story was that great, then most people would not have been distracted so easily. I played it, and I couldn't really get into the story. So I went back to my wild cop chases. That is just my opinion though.

I am sure they both will be great games. I can't wait for both.

gonzopia3967d ago

I loved Mafia - it kept my attention much longer than GTA ever did. I appreciated the cars and the atmosphere more than I did in any of the GTA games, with the exception (maybe) of Vice City.

liquidsnake3966d ago

If the story of GTA3 was all that, why did people lose interest of it?
Clearly the gameplay element on GTA3 was so much better than the actual story, that you spend more time just killing people, get that 6 stars of wanted level and survive for as long as you can.

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