PGNx: MLB 08: The Show Review

PGNx writes: With MLB 08: The Show, Sony's baseball franchise is finally ready for primetime. For many years now, Sony's sports studio has been consistently improving its games. But the change from MLB 07 to MLB 08 is truly remarkable; resulting in what is currently the best PS3 baseball game.

MLB 08: The Show's online component is stronger this time around. The game includes the expected roster updates, and leaderboards, but also adds something similar to Xbox Live's OptiMatch, where you can have the game search for opponents that meet certain criteria. There are also some community features in the form of being able to use the PlayStation Eye camera to create an avatar and the ability to download player cards from opponents.

Visually, MLB 08 looks fantastic. Players look great, with plenty of detail in their faces and body builds. The animations have been greatly improved, too, so not only do the plays look great but you'll also see the players show emotion when a play goes particularly well or poorly. The stadiums look excellent, down to blades of grass, and of course feature a great looking crowd. The new-gen effects like the depth of field and cloth textures round up the package.

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