What Is "Next Gen"?

Ask any game developer what sort of feature that the title in question includes, chances are the first thing they mention is the "next gen" graphics, or physics, etc; Of course, it has not taken long for people to start to ask whether features can be next gen or not. After all, all three platforms have been out for over a year. Speaking of which, what about the Wii? Is it truly a "new gen" console? What is "next gen"? What is "new gen"?

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HighDefinition3968d ago

Little Big Planet and what Sony is planning to do with the PS Eye.
Being able to motion control the XMB and being able to draw things and drop the into games, is next-gen to me.

Calling people fanboys all the time, seems to be next-gen aswell.

Relcom3968d ago

Don't forget calling everything gay. Thats more next gen than anything

Intrepid3968d ago

Don't forget that, technically, the Wii can detect finger movement. However, Nintendo hasn't created a tool or peripheral to utilize this technology. It's really cool stuff. Here are some links to Johnny Lee's videos.

Awesome stuff, eh? Now if Nintendo would use this, I think the Wii would be taken much more seriously.

fox023968d ago

i know what it's not; a W**

Genuine3968d ago

This generation of gaming will be remembered as the generation that online console gaming became mainstream.

PirateThom3968d ago

Nonsense, it'll be remembered as the most undeserving console generation ever.

Overpriced hardware

and constant lies from all three companies.

See if any of these consoles had launched with so many problems any other generation, they'd not have sold at all.

Genuine3967d ago

I'll bet I've been gaming quiet a bit longer than you have, and rest assured in 10 years none of the things you posted will be common knowledge.

Atari era- birth of videogames
Nintendo/Sega- first games to have a story or game ending
Playstation era- 3d graphics and disc media
Xbox era- online gaming and connectivity

All of the things you mentioned have happened already in gaming, but hordes of people aren't talking about it now.

Ps1-Ps2 both had a defect rate very similar to the 360, they just didn't have 3 red lights to help you remember.

3DO was $700 when it launched in 1993.

And gaming gimmicks come and go all the time, but a whole era has never been known for it. Light guns, ball controllers, racing wheels, flight sticks...hell I've even seen the game Afterburner built into a full gyroscopic c0ckpit in an arcade.

Chad Warden3968d ago


What is last gen? DVD9 games with badly compressed sound and constant texture loading (also known as Xbox 360)

tony3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

you work for sony too.

anyways, staying on topic, well see real next gen content with metal gear solid, gears of war 2, alone in the dark, little big planet, far cry 2,the star wars game and alan wake.
project offset will be something else too.

out of topic fanboyism is not good for gaming news.

Tsalagi3967d ago

I see someone from N4G finally discovered this idiot on youtube.

Watch out! He's gansta!!! ooooohhhhh!!!!

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