Gamervision: MLB 08: The Show Review - Just Like 07, But On Steroids

Gamervision writes: Last year's installment of Sony's MLB simulator franchise, The Show, was a competent, if not spectacular offering that gave stat-hounds and fence-swingers alike something to hope for from the future. This year, Sony took everything that worked from 07, polished it to a high sheen, and added enough new to make this the best baseball option for the PS3.

Graphically, The Show is an absolute masterpiece. Players look like their real-life counterparts to an almost creepy degree. Baseball fans will easily be able to tell who is coming up to bat without peeking at their name, just by looking at their faces. Everything from Jason Giambi's HGH-inflated cranium to Ryan Howard's freaky cauliflower-nose is perfectly rendered here, and the subtle but effective lighting effects bring every feature to stunningly realistic life.

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Dam, I could become baseball fan, hah.