GameSpot reviews Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed

The gameplay found in the original Destroy All Humans! may have been so-so at best, but it was able to overcome this shortcoming with a fiendish sense of humor that used 1950s sci-fi to satirize Cold War paranoia. The second installment did its best to mimic what made the first so funny, but couldn't produce quite as many laughs thanks to a lack of focus in its storyline. This downward trend in quality continues with Destroy All Humans! Big Willy unleashed, which relies on a quickly tiresome flood of sexual innuendo to mask the fact that the human-destroying action has gone stale.

The Good:
* Causing random havoc can be fun for a little while
* The addition of a Big Willy mech increases vehicle variety
* Some clever weaponry.

The Bad:
* Not nearly as funny as previous games in the series
* Rehashed combat that wasn't so great to begin with
* Lacks the engaging presentation of first two games.

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