GameSpy: MLB 08: The Show Review

GameSpy writes: This baseball off-season has been all about pitchers. For voyeurs and the scandal-hungry, it was about Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte disagreeing under oath about who took what. For fans of the sport, it was about big names going to new places. Johan Santana moved to New York, Dontrelle Willis headed north to Detroit, and Erik Bedard traveled cross-country to Seattle. In the virtual world of baseball, the off-season was also about pitching... and a whole lot more. Sony has tweaked its hardball game and the result -- MLB 08: The Show -- is the way you should be hitting the field this spring, summer and fall.

This year, the folks at 2K have rebuilt their game, making it a far more stick-centric affair. Development at Sony wasn't as dramatic. There aren't any major overhauls to the 08 version of The Show, but things have been toyed with and improved upon just about everywhere you look.


-Tons of info and stats if that's your thing
-improved and deeper pitching interface
-mid-game saves are very cool


-You may not bother with all the available stats and info
-first-person base running in career mode is still clunky

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