GameSpy: Major League Baseball 2K8 Review

GameSpy writes: For whatever reason, 2K Sports simply cannot put it all together when it comes to its flagship baseball series. Every year it's something, from bonehead AI to game-killing bugs: something gets in the way and prevents the series from reaching its full potential. This year is no different. The game has made huge, innovative strides with its new pitching mechanic, but falls flat on its face due to technical issues that at times make it completely unplayable.

There are serious frame-rate issues that are immediately noticeable. Outfielders run in a herky-jerky slow-motion animation and then speed up to catch fly balls at the last second. The screen skips and hesitates as balls are thrown around the infield. It's painful to watch and doubly painful to play. It's so bad at times that players literally run across the outfield without actually moving their legs... they just sort of glide into position.


-Great new pitching mechanic
-improved Swing Stick and fielding
-nice hit variety


-Terrible slowdown issues
-laggy online play
-some basic baseball gaffes
-boring atmosphere

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