RPGs: The 150-hour Epic or The 15-hour Quickie?

Do we want quantity or quality RPGs?

It's all very well to be an achievement whore or even a completionist, but what happens when the RPG you're playing lasts barely 15 hours and clocking up points doesn't even raise a sweat? We feel cheated, that's what happens. But is plodding through a 150-hour epic, hitting milestone after milestone, a better alternative? Surely there's a compromise somewhere between the two.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii3968d ago

I want my choice of both, some I like long, some I don't. As long as there is a choice, it's cool with me the way it is now. Just don't go back to turn based, I'm spoiled by real time action RPG's.

Farsendor13967d ago

i like the 25-70 hour rpgs 12 is too short and 150 is too long

MK_Red3967d ago

I actually think both are wrong and a true and rewarding RPG should be long but not too long and the thing that matters the most is replayablity of it. You can finish Fallout 2 in 1 hour but you can play more and it won't end even after weeks and even if it does, you can try a new character with a new gender which changes a lot of things during the game. Try another path, another set of skills and different dialogue choices, the size of difference is has big as the distance between redemption of the world or complete destruction of humanity.

Lotto3967d ago

I dont think a rpg can be to long.

khellendros13967d ago

RPGs are by far my favorite genre and I've noticed that 35 to 60 hours is about right. Anything less and you feel cheated and anything more you might loose interest.

kwicksandz3967d ago

mass effect for example on my first play through i clocked it at 55 hours. perfect game length for an RPG imo

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The story is too old to be commented.