First Look At Mark Wahlberg As Max Payne

Darkzero Writes "Shooting has just started of the film adaptation of Max Payne, and a first look at the movies main character is now available. As usual we are not too excited about the film, as every recent game to film translation has left us sick to our very stomachs, but with some people of quality partaking in the project it has a chance of impressing. Mark Wahlberg will take the roll of Max Payne, and although he does not look much like the character I am sure we could have been stuck with much worse. Better news comes from the fact that John Moore will be directing."

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MaximusPrime3967d ago

lemme see:

Boogie Nights
Three Kings
The Perfect Storm
Planet of the Apes
The Italian Job

yep this movie going to be a flop like all game-to-bigscreen films

sonarus3967d ago

i thought behind enemy lines was crap but i guess that wasn't the directors fault it was more of owen wilson. Mark wahlberg can probably pull off max payne so i remain hopeful

RecSpec3967d ago

Wait, there was a Boogie Nights game? How'd I miss that?

Time Lord3967d ago


Panthers3967d ago

I dont know if you are being sarcastic, but I liked the Perfect Storm, Italian Job, and Three Kings

barom3967d ago

Hey Italian Job was pretty good.

And regarding game based movies. That Hitman film which was recently released was pretty good. Better than the average movie nowadayz anyway.

spandexxking3967d ago

this is the one game to movie that could be good. i mean the games pretty much is a movie so in theory it would be VERY hard to mess it up.

NRG3966d ago

Well "in theory", if the game is really good, wouldn't that just make it easier to mess up the movie? Standards and expectations will be high for this movie, rightfully so.

BWS19823966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

Those movies you list are mostly well done movies in most people's opinions, so like it's been said below, I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic...

Max Payne is just about the best game to ever come out on the PC if you ask me (although I have yet to play Half-Life, strangely enough) and the sequel was nearly as good. I hope this project doesn't get the game-->movie curse.....we could use a successful translation to show it can be done.

And to all those comments below...Shooter was the sh&t, how can you lump it in with a direct to video Seagal movie?! Italian Job, Perfect Storm, Departed (which all the acting was fine, I actually found this movie to be boring though, it was the story that I didn't like), Three Kings....all well done movies and Mark did great in them. I guess to each his own, it's all opinions....

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are u being sarcastic because those was good movies u just listed all of the bad game to movies have had mainly no name actors in them mark walberg is a pretty good actor so maybe this one wont suck (that mucH)

Hellsvacancy3967d ago

marky mark in the lead role and there goin 4 a pg13 WOT!!! max payne's about drugs, death and bullets, lots of bullets, ill wait 4 MGS the movie

sleepbox3967d ago

I really hope they do Max Payne justice.

MK_Red3967d ago

Mark Wahlberg is a great actor and he was uber awesome in Departed but in a bad film, he becomes bad too (Shooter).
Hopefully this is not that bad. As for the director, I'm not too optimistic but at least, he's not the director of Doom movie who is currently ruining Street Fighter 2 movie or something.

Ghoul3967d ago

actually i like shooter pretty much :)

MK_Red3967d ago

I didn't mean to offend you but to me, Shooter felt like a Steven Seagal DTV movie. And Mark has shown more than once that he can do better (Look at Four Brothers or Departed).

Ridrick3967d ago


This could be good film, if story didn't suck. They should copy Doom III scenario. Who asked them to be creative?

Gish3966d ago

Actually I liked Shooter also. It was one of those movies that I was glad that I didn't hear anything about before I actually watched it. I am sure that I would have heard bad reviews which could have swayed my opinion before seeing it.

Ghoul3966d ago

well red totally disagreeing with you

i hate seagal movies and i have seen tons and tons of highquality flicks too,sure departed was tens times better and mark did a great job but still, shooter was entertaining and a nice made popcorn "super usa i shoot em all dead" movie.

your problem if you are overcriticing a flat movie which only aims for entertainment and not an oscar nominee.

MK_Red3966d ago

Well, I do agree that I was being a bit too harsh and that was a wrong comparison but still even but entertaining standards, Shooter didn't satisfy me.

Ghoul3966d ago

ok agreed you didnt like it :)

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