Crispy Gamer: Street Fighter IV Preview

In the not-too-distant future, Street Fighter fans are going to get something they've wanted for a long time: A proper Street Fighter sequel that aims to maintain the classic, 2-D style of gameplay that Street Fighter II turned into a phenomenon all those years ago, while at the same time boosting the visuals into 3-D.

How successful the game will ultimately be at this goal remains to be seen, but based on the demo version of the game Crispy Gamer checked out at this year's Game Developers Conference, the potential for something really cool is definitely there.

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Jack T3967d ago

I wonder how big the mandatory install will be for the PS3 version.

SSJSubgeta3966d ago

I personally don't care, a game of this type has been long awaited from fighter fans like myself.

Enigma_20993966d ago

The theiving monkeys... they LIE!!!!!