Mohit Anand Resigns, Talks about his tenure at Microsoft: Interview

GameGuru writes: Mohit Anand, the man who played a big role when the Xbox 360 was rolled out in India, will no longer be a part of Microsoft. His sudden exit may have left people with their mouths open, wondering the reason behind the same. We too were absolutely curious to know the reason and thus decided to catch with the man himself. This excerpt is the concluding part of the parting interview we had with Mohit Anand from Microsoft India.

GG: Any message to the Indian gaming community?

MA: Well, I think we all are on one hell of a ride and it is going to only get better.

GG: You could be as parallel to Peter Moore. So when he left the company, he walked away with a big bag of moolah. So anything that we'd expect from you?

MA: (Laughs)… Come on, I am not going to answer that. But nothing like that. Peter More is an icon. He is an icon, I am not even a peck on the radar.

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