Condemned 2: Bloodshot Delayed


"Bad news for fans of survival horror, which will have to wait a little longer before they can taste 2 Condemned: Bloodshot. SEGA indeed came to announce a further postponement of the game, even though the title had already been recently postponed by two weeks."

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RadientFlux3965d ago

I hope this isn't true. I was so looking forward to cracking some skulls next weekend

Lifendz3965d ago

Really? Wow. I had no idea the game was coming out that soon. Well, that gives me more time for Army of Two and Burnout.

BTW, PSN ID is Lifendz for those that have Burnout and wanna race.

Charlie26883965d ago

NO!!!! I guess ill have to wait to use my rusty pipe T.T

MK_Red3965d ago

So what about 4 or 5 published reviews? 5/10 from EDGE, 8/10 form everyone else?

TheExecutive3965d ago

i thought it was confirmed by IGN about a week ago that it wasnt coming out until the 25th or something?

Anyway Edge must have a time machine because they always review games like a month before they come out.

Skerj3965d ago

They probably have review code already.

MK_Red3965d ago

Magazines get the review codes a bit early (From 1 to 2 months before release) but when games get delayed, they usually become wrong a useless. Army of Two had a review in 2007 which was based on the faulty version. Lost Odyssey's review code was also early and had longer loading times. I wonder if Condemned 2's delay may make it better than EDGE's review code...

LJWooly3965d ago

Maybe that's why Edge rip every game that isn't near perfect apart for very little good reason, because developers send them games while they're still halfway through development! See, it all makes sense now...

stuntman_mike3965d ago

edge do reviews on preview code i reckon, i hate edge magazine but it has one good use rip it up and use it as bedding for small furry animals and the homeless, so there is a silver lining in there somewhere.

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Skerj3965d ago

Hah I'm actually alright with this because I didn't think it was coming out until the end of the month anyway. Gives me enough time to stop being a punk and beat the first one.

Ri0tSquad3965d ago

The first one was so good. Awesome launch title.

name3965d ago

No one gives a s*it. I'd rather play alone in the dark.

GETPWNZORED3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

lol, and I thought your dykeass was dumb before. You're just mad the PS3 caused the delay (just like with GTA...damn...) You can always tell how much of a droid someone is based on how many bubbles they have. ROFLMAO. Stupid fanboy.

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The story is too old to be commented.