Crispy Gamer: Puzzle Quest: Galactrix Preview

At the 2008 Gamer Developer's Conference, D3 Publisher gave the gaming press a very early look at the first sequel to their surprise hit. Puzzle Quest: Galactrix relocates the franchise from the fertile grounds of fantasy to the vast reaches of space. The changes in scenery aren't just superficial.

The game's puzzle board and pieces are now hex-shaped. Crispy Gamer's game board appeared to be in space, orbiting an alien world. The board was relatively circular, with metal wings fanning off on both sides. The upper left and right portrayed the two spaceships locked in battle. The lower regions handled resource counts and slots where the yet-to-be-implemented player skills would live.

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Presentist3969d ago

I'm going to sh*t a brick if they don't put this out for PSP.